Abigail Had a Big Callout in WCTH Season 8 Episode 9

Abigail Had a Big Callout in WCTH Season 8 Episode 9

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During Season 8 Episode 9 of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, Henry told Christopher about a woman who influenced his life. Fans recognized this comment was about Abigail and now they’re wondering if this could be a sign that Lori Loughlin is coming back.

This article has spoilers for the latest episode of When Calls the Heart, Season 8 Episode 9. 

Henry Referenced Abigail When Talking to Christopher

Henry makes a clear callout to Abigail while he and Christopher are talking, just before Christopher leaves town. The two reconnected and built a new bond, with Christopher even calling Henry dad by the time he leaves. They also bonded on one more topic: how a woman could change a man forever.

Christopher talks about how he wants to leave any criminal acts behind, and part of his desire to lead a better life is because of Rachel. In fact, he leaves Hope Valley to follow Rachel to Bellingham and try to win her back.

Christopher says he hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since Rachel left. Henry tells him that a woman once helped him be a better man, and if he thinks Rachel can do that for him then Christopher needs to make sure he doesn’t lose her.

“She saw something in me,” Henry says, referring to Abigail.

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, tweeted the line and it trended on Twitter during the episode.

Fans quickly realized that Henry was talking about Abigail, and actors with the show confirmed it.

This led to numerous tweets asking for Abigail to come back or talking about how much fans miss Henry and Abigail’s interactions.

One fan wrote: “I love that Henry remembers Abigail so fondly.”

Ben Rosenbaum, who portrays Mike Hickam, confirmed that Henry was talking about Abigail.

Some fans think ratings would skyrocket if Lori Loughlin came back.

Another fan wrote, “Henry is talking about Abigail! The dream remains alive!”

This isn’t the first Abigail reference this season.

In Season 8 Episode 5, when Bill invited Clara and Jesse to buy part of Abigail’s Cafe and be partners, and he said that someday they might even be able to buy out him and Abigail. Jesse wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, and we later learned why. Bill said there was no pressure. “Besides, I haven’t even approached Abigail,” he added.

Cast & Crew Are Ready for Lori Loughlin to Return, But Hallmark Hasn’t Commented

Some cast and crew members have said publicly that they would like Lori Loughlin to return as Abigail. While the latest episode was airing, Pascale Hutton responded to one positive tweet about Abigail returning, writing: “You and me both Jen!!!”

Brian Bird, the show’s creator, has talked positively about Loughlin before. During the episode, he tweeted, “So the woman who encouraged Henry him to be a better man? Wonder who that could be? Oh, what a tangled story we weave. #Hearties”

He also retweeted some tweets confirming it was Abigail that Henry was talking about.

In a September 2020 interview with the Hearties Hotline Podcast, Bird said: “You know I’ve been praying for the best outcome possible for her [Loughlin] and her family. Not just the most merciful one, but the most just one as well… We all make mistakes.”

He added: “Hope Valley is a place of second chances. We believe it is a place of second chances. We believe in that not just for stories, but for real life. Everybody deserves second chances.”

Krakow retweeted a tweet about the show needing Abigail back and included a GIF that read “YUP.”

Krakow has been clear about her desire for Loughlin to return to the show.

In an interview with ET Canada, Krakow talked about how much she’d like to see Loughlin return to When Calls the Heart. When asked if there was a chance that Abigail might come back in a future season, Krakow said:

From your lips to God’s ears. I truly, truly hope so. It would make me so happy to see Abigail back in Hope Valley. And I think there are still a lot of really beautiful stories for her character to get to tell. I would welcome her back with open arms. So let’s hope.

Hallmark has not made any indication that the network would take Loughlin back. The network cut ties with Loughlin when the college admissions scandal initially broke and has moved on from the actress’s roles on the network.

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