Adult Industry’s Gay Performer Alex Riley’s Cause of Death at 22

The gay adult industry performer Alex Riley’s cause of death is unknown at this time after the gay model, well-known for appearing in Helix productions, passed away at the young age of 22. Rest in peace.

Helix Studios confirmed the sad news in an official statement, posted Thursday morning, saying, “We are heartbroken over the loss of Alex Riley, one of the most vibrant and talented young performers we’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

The statement added, “Please respect his family’s privacy during this devastatingly difficult time. We love you, rest in peace Alex.”

Alex Riley tragically got caught up in the scandal involving a break-in and other problems with a certain high profile studio, and could not deal with the resulting pressures other than via self-termination.

The beloved performer who had won awards such as GayVN’s Best Newcomer in 2020, was always loved and supported by his fans, co-stars, and boyfriend, fellow performer Jacob Hansen.

Riley was lastly active on Instagram on December 2020, when he posted a post, showing a hike he and Hansen took in their new home state of Arizona.

What is Alex Riley’s Cause of Death at Young Age?

Although there is no report about adult industry performer Alex Riley’s cause of death at this time, US day News is working hard to find more information and the latest updates as soon as possible; stay with us.

We are also trying to become aware from Alex Riley’s health condition before his death.

His last tweet is from May 7 when he expressed love for his brother and mother, writing, “I just talked to my brother on the phone, I’ll do anything in the WORLD for him. Wether I can or not, I’m doing it. Damn…y’all have brothers? I love mine more than I could literally love anyone besides my mom. Hell.”

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts; however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alex Riley’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these challenging days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him; Fans are asking “what happened to Alex Riley?” so if you have any related information about Riley’s death, please share it with us.

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