AGT Star Skilyr Hicks Died of Unknown Reason at Age 23

AGT Star Skilyr Hicks Died of Unknown Reason at Age 23

Sadly, a former “America’s Got Talent” contender, died at the young age of 23. Skilyr Hicks’s death was announced on Monday, December 6, 2021, after she was found dead at a friend’s home in Liberty, South Carolina.

It wasn’t obvious how Skilyr Hicks died, but her mother reported that her daughter struggled with substance misuse and mental health concerns. “Through her music, she will live on,” the mother said.

Hicks sang a song she created on Season 8 of NBC‘s talent show competition in 2013 when she was 14 years old. She advanced to the second round before being eliminated before the live rounds of the competition.

When Skilyr competed on season eight of AGT in 2014, she won the hearts of audiences. Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern were among the judges who heard the young artist perform.

Skilyr Hicks has suddenly died at 23
Skilyr Hicks was found dead at the young age of 23

The young artist advanced to the next round after impressing the judges with her performance of the original song Brand New Day. The track contained the lyrics: “My heart is sad and filled with sorrow. I know there’s hope for a better tomorrow.” She explained that she had lost her father a few years before the audition, revealing in a confessional: “He made some bad decisions, and I hadn’t seen him in a few years. “The last time I saw him, I remember driving away, and he was crying.”

Skilyr continued: “After his funeral, I wrote my first song. It’s kind of like a message that came too late for my dad, but I know if he could see me now, he would be really proud of me.” She explained how she trained herself to sing, compose, and play the guitar. Howard claimed her late father would have been “overjoyed” with her performance.

Years later, she was charged with domestic abuse and underage drinking, which landed her in legal difficulties.

How did Skilyr Hicks Die?

The exact circumstances and Skilyr Hicks’ cause of death are still unknown to the family, though her mom, Jodi, said her daughter battled with mental health issues, including depression and substance abuse.

US day News doesn’t confirm or refuse any reason for his death, but we are waiting for more official information, so stay with us.

Skilyr’s audition was viewed by almost two million people on YouTube. She was ejected from the competition before the live shows. She sang another original song, but the judges didn’t think it was “powerful enough.”

Hicks was accused of many acts of domestic assault, years after enthralling the judges on AGT. Skilyr “scratched and beat” her sister Breelyn’s face and reportedly pulled her hair, according to a police incident report from Columbia County, Georgia, in 2017.

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Reactions to Skilyr Hicks’ Sudden Death

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

The Austin Rhodes Show wrote on Facebook: “She seemed to be a superstar in the making…she certainly had the talent! This is how the world met the CSRA’s own Skilyr Hicks at the age of 14. Today we have word that the young woman…now 23…has passed away. She had very public battles with depression and substance abuse…which apparently contributed to her untimely death. May God bless all who loved her…such a terrible loss!”

An online user wrote: “Just heard that Skilyr Hicks passed away on Monday night. So saddened by the loss of someone so young and gifted. I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song when she was just 14. So sad. Sending love to her family. Go be a bird.”

One added: “America’s Got Talent tragedy… Yet another young contestant is dead. RIP.”

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