Ahmed Yasin Ali Death Dead – Ahmed Yasin Ali Obituary: Cause of Death

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Ahmed Yasin Ali Death Dead – Ahmed Yasin Ali Obituary: Cause of Death

On the 15th of July our loving brother Ahmed Yasin Ali’s soul returned to Allah. Ahmed was only 18, he was known for his radiant smile and positivity. He was caring, supportive and never failed to make those around him laugh. As we know a janazah/funeral will be difficult during the current Covid situation, this therefore means it is crucial for us as his sisters and brothers to make an extensive amount of Dua for him and his family.

Alhamdu’lillah his soul returned to Allah whilst he was smiling and uttering the Shahada. At this time all we can do as an ummah is continue to support by making Dua and donating to this cause which will be dedicated to creating a well under his name

If we truly love Ahmed we must do everything in our power to support his Akhira. By donating as little as £5 we can collectively raise enough money for a well to be dug under his name and allow him to benefit from Sadaqa J’areya’ (the gift that keeps on giving).

May Allah (swt) grant him Jenna’t El Firdaws. May Allah illuminate and expand his grave and allow it too be a resting place for him until yawm al-qiyamah. May Allah give Ahmed’s family Sabr(patience) and ease this pain for them. May Allah make it easer for Fairouz (the mother of Ahmed) and May his death be a reminder to us all to ready our selves for own deaths. AllahumaAmeen.

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