Alexis Sharkey Missing Houston, Texas : 26-year-old Woman Missing, Not Death Yet

Alexis Sharkey Death

Alexis Sharkey Missing Houston, Texas – A mother is desperately calling for help to locate her missing 26-year-old daughter. We urge the general public to help us find her, she was declared missing since Friday.

Stacey Robinault told Eyewitness News on Sunday she has not spoken with her daughter, Alexis Sharkey, since just before Thanksgiving.

She said the two were discussing Christmas plans on Wednesday.

“[Thanksgiving] was a busy day on her end and our end and so it was just one of those passing, type of ‘Love you’ things,” explained Robinault, who spoke with ABC13 via FaceTime from her home in northwestern Pennsylvania. “Then Friday … honestly, Friday got away. [It was a] busy day. We never talked, and then she went missing Friday night and I have not seen her or heard from her since.”

Since then, no one has heard from Sharkey, according to Robinault.

The mom said she has tried calling Sharkey’s phone, but all calls are sent to her voicemail.

Sharkey and her husband recently moved to Houston in January. Robinault said he called the family to let her know she went missing. He hasn’t heard from her since Friday.

“We were notified on Saturday that she was missing by her husband,” she said. “[He] called us up to let us know, and that’s when, of course, any parent goes into full panic mode.”

The last time Sharkey was in her hometown in Pennsylvania was last Christmas. Sharkey has two sisters who have also been trying to contact her.

“She would not necessarily contact me every day,” said Robinault. “She’s kind of got an independent flare, so I just let her live and we just communicate as needed and definitely do. But she has a close-knit group of friends. They’ve never known her to disappear and I’ve never known her to not communicate when we reach out to her … ever. She always has her phone with her. She always responds.”

Meanwhile, a Facebook post published by Robinault, which features two photos of Sharkey, has been shared more than 6,000 times.

An Instagram account for Sharkey has more than 12,000 followers and describes her as a mentor based in Houston.

Robinault described Sharkey as having dirty blonde hair with blue eyes with “uniquely placed tattoos,” including a shark on her forearm, a rose and several scriptures.

She also goes by the nicknames “Lexis” or “Lex” and drives a white Jeep Rubicon.

The case remains under investigation.

If you have any information about Sharkey, you’re asked to call the Houston Police Department and reference case #158281920.

“If anybody has any knowledge or any idea, we would so greatly appreciate it,” said Robinault as she held back tears. “She is a smart, beautiful girl that has so much to offer. We need to get her home. We need to find her.”