Allyson Watterson Death Dead – Allyson Watterson Obituary Missing: Allyson Watterson Found Dead

Alligator Alley Accident

A 20 yr old lady named Allyson Watterson has been confirmed missing according to reports given six months ago.

Officials said when Allyson Watterson’s missing case was reported, it was already 30hr late before it was reported. This has made it a little bit difficult for the officers to trace her whereabouts.

According to the sheriff’s office, a property owner in an unincorporated area in North Plains, where Watterson was originally reporting missing, discovered her remains while clearing brush. Based on the location of the remains and evidence found at the scene, detectives suspect the remains are Watterson.

Her boyfriend’s father told deputies that his son, Benjamin Garland, and Watterson had been on a hike together before losing each other. Watterson’s mom, Misty Watterson, told reporters that her daughter and Garland had been in North Plains to visit a friend when their car broke down. The sheriff’s office said they had no evidence to support either claim.

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