Alton Williams Was ‘Taken’ During The Challenge, Costar Says

Alton Williams Was ‘Taken’ During The Challenge, Costar Says


Details are revealed about a Challenge star’s relationship status.

The fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars dropped on April 29 and it had a lot of great moments that had fans talking, including a hookup between two of its stars. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars which was released on Thursday, April 29 on Paramount Plus.

In the episode, things heated up between Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams and the two were seen getting into bed together one night. After the episode aired, Syrus Yarbrough, who was eliminated by Alton, revealed that Alton told him he was in a relationship. Syrus made the comments on a Challenge Mania Zoom call hosted by Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager for their Patreon.

The 41-year-old Real World: Las Vegas alum, who is very private about his personal life and doesn’t have a social media presence, previously revealed that he has two kids but has remained quiet about his relationship status.

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Syrus Said He Had Many Conversations With Alton About Their Partners

Syrus said what was going on between Jisela and Alton was, for production, “an excellent opportunity to have some love interests on the show. They have infrared cameras, if the sheets are moving, they gettin’ their groove in. And it is what it is.” However, Syrus continued, telling Derrick, “I don’t know about you but I thought he was taken.”

Scott interjected and said he heard people speculating about whether Alton had a partner and Syrus cut in, “No, he told me! So it is what it is. You know, I have love for Jisela, me and Alton are cool, I guess, from my end I don’t keep any enemies. I do want my shot at him on the field, but realistically, we had in-depth conversations about our other halves.”

Derrick then said he thinks it’s a complicated situation but added, “You’re right, he was coming at us in conversation that he had, you know, a very serious significant other at home where things were not really going in the direction that he’d like it to go but as time went on, I continued these conversations and I don’t know if you did, and ‘wife’ turned into ‘never-been-married.’”

Syrus said they got so many different variations of stories about Alton’s home life and Derrick added that he thought maybe Alton was using the word “wife” to mean his significant other and mother of his two children but that the two weren’t actually married.

Jisela Has Said She’s Single & Often Posted About Alton While Live-Tweeting the Shows

While Alton has no social media presence and has remained tight-lipped about his on-screen romance with Jisela, the Road Rules: The Quest alum has been live-tweeting while watching each episode and frequently wrote about Alton. During episode four, she wrote, “Oh hey Alton thank you for the commentary. Listen to the sweetness in his voice.” She then added, “Here I go talking about bae ! #challengeallstars I’m soooo happy he doesn’t have social media lol.”

While watching the fifth episode, Jisela wrote about Alton’s struggle during the challenge: “For the damn record he is wearing a size 9 shoe he is a size 11 #TheChallengeAllstars.” She then added, “I’m so proud of Alton telling him directly what it really was. It was the puzzle that set you back! Facts! #TheChallengeAllstars.”

After their hookup was shown in the episode, Jisela wrote, “Aweeeee he said no kissing and telling!! I am also not admitting that we kissed either !”

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