Amber Borzotra’s Grandmother Died Day of Double Agents Final


The Challenge: Double Agents final

The Challenge: Double Agents‘ final has come and gone and the eight finalists are now finally able to speak on their experiences running one of the toughest finals ever. Warning: Spoilers ahead for the final of The Challenge: Double Agents.

In an appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, rookie and winner Amber Borzotra revealed that her grandmother died on the day of the finals but she didn’t find out until later since she didn’t have her phone with her. Amber won the final with a dominating performance alongside her partner, veteran Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Amber told podcast cohosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira, “Before I left… I finally can talk about all this, but my grandmother had a year to six months to live when I left and it was a hard decision for me to decide even go on the final. So that’s one thing I was struggling with in that house.”

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She Said Her Grandmother Died the Day of the Final Challenge & She Only Found Out About It After She Won

Amber told her cohosts that she found out afterward that her grandmother died the day she ran the final. She said, “the day I ran the final she passed and I didn’t find out till I got my phone back.” She said her family didn’t want to let her know in the moment after she won.

She said despite that, she’s very happy she went on the show because the money is life-changing and just the experience was incredible for her and came at the right time.

Tori and Aneesa told Amber that her grandmother was looking down on her during the final and was so proud of her. Amber said Kam Williams told her the same thing, because when she found out about her grandmother’s passing, she was with the other female finalists: Kam, Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez. Amber said, “Kam was like, ‘girl she was there with you the whole final.’”

She said, “It was a lot to process when I got home… so I’m happy that I’m finally feeling in better spirits.”

Amber Previously Said She Was in a Dark Place Before Going on ‘The Challenge’

Earlier in the season, Amber opened up about her experience on Double Agents and said the casting call for the show came at just the right time in her life because she was in the “darkest place.” On the Challenge Mania podcast, she said, “I was in one of the darkest places in my life before I left. Again, it was due to just a loss and just going through things personally.”

She spoke about her grandmother having cancer and also said it felt like the show “saved” her by allowing her to be around other people and make new connections. She said she was “so depressed” and it was the perfect way to change her mindset. “It was like, get your a** up out of this house, out of that room, and go have some fun.”

Despite many competitors saying that Double Agents was one of the hardest situations due to the anxiety the show format created, Amber said she was really happy and excited to be a part of it and to be around people. She said, “I was just so alone and just going through it and it sucked.”

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