‘American Idol’ Fans Upset After Shocking Elimination


Fans were upset when Arthur Gunn was eliminated from season 19 of “American Idol.”

ABC’s “American Idol” has narrowed the contestants down to the top 5 following the Sunday, May 9, 2021 episode. Some fans were upset following the top 5 eliminations, which is something that can be expected when there aren’t many singers left in the competition.

During the episode, each of the top seven contestants performed two songs. The first song was one from Coldplay, and the other song was one chosen by the contestants in order to honor their mothers for Mother’s Day.

WARNING: Spoilers for the top 5 contestants for “American Idol” season 19 follow. 

At the end of the show, Arthur Gunn and Hunter Metts were sent home leaving Grace Kinstler, Willie Spence, Caleb Kennedy, Casey Bishop and Chayce Beckham to compete for the title of “American Idol.”

Gunn was brought back via the controversial

Fans Were Sad to See Hunter Metts & Arthur Gunn Go Home

Fans of the eliminated singers were sad to see their favorites sent home.

“Sad to see Hunter go.. My only favorites left in the competition.. Chayce and Grace!! #American Idol,” one fan tweeted following the elimination.

Another wrote, “#AmericanIdol America you got this wrong. You bring back Arthur Gunn just to not vote for him. He was the runner-up last year! And Hunter Metts he is better than a couple of them in the top 5. @ArthurGunn122 and @hunterjmetts belong in the top 5. I’m happy my fave is top 5!”

“Hunter Metts should never have been voted out. It should have come down to him and another performer in the final round. So disappointing,” one person tweeted.

One person even tweeted that they hoped a wild card could bring back some of the contestants, with Hunter Metts as their example.

“#AmericanIdol Boring top 5!!! Good & dull!!! A real shame Arthur did not make it through,” one person wrote. “None of the top 5 selected are anything special. Cookie cut outs to acts already famous. Arthur was unique. A record mongul watching tonight hopefully.”

Some Were Surprised at Which Competitors Got Into the Top 5

Some fans were genuinely surprised at some of the contestants who made it through to the top 5.

“So… Caleb got through yet again this week,” one fan tweeted. ” I didn’t know votefortheworst.com was back up and running.”

“Caleb?!?!?!! Over Arthur? Are you kidding me #americanidol,” one person wrote.

Another agreed, writing, “Caleb over Arthur and Hunter proves #America is the worst. #americanidol.”

Another fan tweeted, “Literally my favorite went home on “American Idol” tonight and I can’t stop crying. Like I’m big mad for real.”

“lol without Hunter or Arthur on #AmericanIdol I have no reason to watch anymore,” another wrote.

Arthur Gunn has released music since his time on season 18 of “American Idol.” He often announces new projects on his Instagram feed.

“American Idol” season 19 is nearing its conclusion, with just two episodes left in the season. Next week, the top 5 will be narrowed down, and the remaining contestants will go on to compete in the three-hour season finale with hopes of winning the title of “American Idol” and a record deal.

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“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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