Ana Martinez Death Dead – Ana Martinez Obituary: Cause of Death

Horace Clarke Death

Ana Martinez, my mother, the woman who could beat all odds against her and still come out on top; the only woman in everyone’s life that actually made a difference for the better has been taken away from us.

On mother’s day my mom decided to go out for only an hour to visit our grandmother at a small get together held by my aunt. By the next day, she started feeling unwell and uneasy, that’s how we found out that some of our family members that were at the small get together that day had contracted COVID-19. Immediately she isolated and quarantined to prevent others from getting sick. However, she got ill fast. Two days later my older sister found her immobilized and unresponsive on her bed, barely being able to breathe and her body boiling hot.

So they rushed her to the hospital in hopes of lowering her fever and giving her medication to fight off the infection. The hospital gave her the swabbing test and confirmed she had Coronavirus. She was immediately isolated and put on oxygen to help her breathe. It didn’t help, so they moved on and intubated her yet no progress was made. So as a last resort to get her to breathe, they performed a tracheotomy and hooked her up to a ventilator. She had been in the hospital for over a month, and laying on her back for so long caused the tissue on her back and bottom to deteriorate and begin to come off. Her kidneys began to fail from lack of fluids and her body not being able to do things by itself. Her liver was fried from the amount of medication flowing through her system.

Her lungs were severely damaged, and with the lack of oxygen flowing to her brain, irreversible damage was also made. The skin that was removed from the infection only caused it to deteriorate further more therefore spreading the infection everywhere. Her blood was infected, and with no liver or kidneys functioning, the fluids remaining in her body caused her to swell up.

Doctors gave her less than a 2% chance, it then decreased to a 0% chance of even making it through an afternoon with no oxygen / machines attached to her.

My mom was a fighter and one tough soul, but now she’s proven that sometimes even the strongest ones need to rest. She will be missed by everyone around her and I know God has gained an amazing angel.

Our goal is to cover the basics and the minimum for her funeral, we would love to give her the very best since she deserved it. However, with how things are currently being done, our family can only do so much, so please help us give my mother a peaceful goodbye.

A small donation would be greatly appreciated by anyone and everyone that knew her. She would definitely be blessed by the amazing acts of those who cared so much about her. – Daughter.

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