Analyst Praises Lions’ Rebuild, Believes Quarterback Next

Analyst Praises Lions’ Rebuild, Believes Quarterback Next


Justin Fields walks off the field following a loss to Alabama.

The Detroit Lions have charted a major course forward this offseason, undergoing a major shakeup and change in their front office and subsequently their roster.

While some haven’t been sure about the direction, others are downright encouraged by what the Lions are doing at this point in their rebuild and are intrigued about the direction the team might take as it relates to the impending NFL Draft.

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Recently, Marc Sessler of explained that he believes the Lions have done a nice job thus far this offseason, and believes the team is set up well for the future. In terms of the draft, he believes fans need to prepare themselves for the possibility that the team will indeed select a quarterback with their top pick in 2021.

He said:

“I know that they’ve been a raging snooze-fest for like a thousand generations, but I actually really like what Brad Holmes, the new GM, has done. You got the most value you could for Matthew Stafford, they’ve acknowledged they’re rebuilding. I understand you have Jared Goff and he’s sort of like a bowl of vanilla ice cream. He fits that offense which is going to struggle this year but I would not be shocked if it’s a quarterback at number seven. If one falls to them, that could happen.”

For the last few weeks, rumors of a quarterback being in play have been swirling, and the Lions could be motivated to make the jump if a player they like such as Justin Fields makes it that long. If not, the team could auction off the pick to someone for a trade back, or simply stay put and take another position.

Some interesting intel and conjecture in the last few weeks before the draft continues to point to the Lions making a big move and nabbing a quarterback.

Lions Chances of Drafting a Quarterback in 2021

The Lions will have Jared Goff in the building, and he seems primed to be at least the short term solution for the team. Goff is still 26 and theoretically could still have his best days ahead of him considering the fact he is 6-5 as a starter in the playoffs, appeared in a Super Bowl and played late in the 2020-2021 season with a thumb injury. Knowing this, it’s a wiser bet the Lions would consider a wideout or a defensive player with their first selection this year. A quarterback to add to the mix could be prioritized later in the draft, however.

Given Holmes seems to appreciate the quarterback class, it wouldn’t be wise to bet on the Lions skipping the position entirely. Whether or not they gamble on the spot high in the 2021 draft will be interesting to watch, and with a few weeks left until the draft, many aren’t ruling the possibility out.

Lions Attended Many Quarterback Pro Days

The Lions have been busy on the Pro Day circuit and quarterback has been the spot the team has been particularly interested in during recent months. Detroit has gotten a closer look at both Trey Lance and Zach Wilson as well Justin Fields, so it comes as no surprise that the team is currently doing their diligence on every single option given the need they could have in the future at the position.

Brad Holmes has talked up the draft class at quarterback and hinted nothing is off the table in terms of adding a player to the spot, so it’s more than possible the Lions are serious about a signal caller. At the very least, they are doing a great job of selling their interest to the rest of the league and analysts at this point in time.

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