Analyst: Ravens Should Dump Lamar Jackson for Justin Fields


Justin Fields warming up before playing for Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship.

The Baltimore Ravens have one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the game in Lamar Jackson, but there is some uncertainty creeping into the mix about his long-term future with the team.

For the last few months, the Ravens have pushed toward a deal with Jackson, but nothing official has gotten done. Does this mean the team is in a desperate position? Not necessarily, but that hasn’t stopped at least one analyst from pondering a future for the team without Jackson.

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On a recent segment on NFL Network, Bucky Brooks provided an interesting theory about a move the Ravens could make. As he said, he wonders in light of contract talks if the team shouldn’t make a move up to grab Justin Fields, move on from Jackson and continue to operate from a financially-solvent position at quarterback for the future.

Brooks said:

“I wonder in this scenario if Justin Fields fell low enough where he’s within range if the Baltimore Ravens decide to go all-in on this army approach. Meaning, they take collegiate approach to the quarterback position. They cash in on a blue-chip, they take Justin Fields and then maybe they operate like a college team. One quarterback graduates, the other quarterback steps into the starters role. You now have the opportunity to keep a starting quarterback potentially on a young deal, build up the rest of the assets, then play smash-mouth football the way that they play and continue to build a better team around the quarterback. It’s something to think about.”

In theory, it’s an interesting idea given the quarterback is often the most expensive player on the team and it’s tough for franchises to overcome a massive deal at the position. In practice, it isn’t the kind of move a contender like Baltimore should be making given Jackson is one of the top quarterbacks in the league. It would be a huge gamble to dump Jackson in favor of anyone much less a prospect like Fields.

It sure doesn’t seem as if the Ravens would make a move like this at a position as important as quarterback, but in this day in age, anything is possible.

Ravens’ Eric DeCosta Confident in Jackson Extension

This may be a hypothetical scenario nobody has to worry about anyway. Speaking this past week, Baltimore general manager Eric DeCosta was once again asked to sum up where things stood with Jackson’s contract talks. As he said, not much has changed from before, with the sides continuing to talk and have dialogue about a potential deal.

According to DeCosta, the path to such an agreement is still there for the team and the quarterback, and it’s just a simple matter of time before something gets done. In a pre-draft press conference, DeCosta was asked about where things stood with Jackson and had an answer.

He said:

“That’s ongoing. That’s definitely a fluid thing. Lamar and I have had discussions about that. I think it’s important to us and it’s important to him. I think Lamar’s obviously a very patient guy, he wants to be the best he can be, he wants this team to be the best they can be and he wants to win very badly so we’re aligned that way. I’m confident that we’ll continue to discuss this and I think at some point we’ll have some very good news for everybody.”

Obviously, it will be interesting to see whether or not Jackson can get the contract when all is said and done, but it sounds as if the Ravens will still be looking to get something finished soon.

Fields’ College Stats

During his career with Ohio State, there’s been little question that Fields has been an interesting prospect. Since becoming the starter a few years back, he’s done nothing but put up elite numbers while with the Buckeyes. The last two seasons, Fields has been solid, putting up 4,794 passing yards with Ohio State as well as 56 touchdowns. Fields has also rushed for 15 touchdowns and a solid 758 yards on the ground. To that end, he looks as if he could be a Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray or Cam Newton type player who can extend a defense with his arm as well as his legs.

How Fields will transition to the NFL is anyone’s guess, and that’s especially true given the fact that Ohio State quarterbacks haven’t had the best track record lately. Fields will be looking to break that mold when he gets into the league next season.

The Ravens already have a quarterback doing that in Jackson, so dumping him for a young player doesn’t seem like the best idea.

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