Andrew Thompson Columbia IL Biography, Career, Age, Facebook, Net Worth, Family, Arrested

Who is Andrew Thompson Columbia IL? Andrew Thompson Columbia IL is an American educator and baseball trainer; he is likewise a love and youth pioneer.

As a baseball trainer and a fascinating athletic character, he is a devotee of STL Blues.

Notwithstanding, aside from this, he is the educator who as of late was under police guardianship for accomplishing something illicit.

While there is no data in regards to what he inhabited, are as yet keen on tracking down that out.

There is plausible that more data with respect to this will be uncovered soon, yet as of recently, we have no more data about Andrew.

Andrew Thompson Age

Andrew Thompson is only 29 years of age.
All attempt to know his birth month and date has proved abortive, there is no data with respect to his precise date of birth.

In view of the couple of different sources that have given data with respect to him, we have extricated his age and referenced it as 29 years.

Andrew Thompson Facebook

Andrew Thompson is on Facebook under his own name Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson Arrest, Video

As per the evidence and claims, Andrew Thompson is arrested and set at a bail of $50,000.

There are no reports of him being bailed out yet, but he might be soon out of the Monroe County jail.

Regarding the causes of his arrest, as mentioned, he was taken into custody for capturing unauthorized videos.

He was under arrest for section 720 ILCS 5/26-4 which includes taking private videos of people without their permission in their bedroom, bathroom, hotel room, or similar places.

Moreover, it is clear that he did not do so on the school premises and neither were there any juveniles in the video, but still, it is a crime relating to possible sexual violation, so he is arrested.

What exactly is in the video might be revealed soon by the authorities, but until then, nothing can be said.

What we know is that this video incident happened a few months ago in April and the case has just come ahead now.