Andrew Todis Death Dead – Andrew Todis Obituary: Andrew Todis Shot Dead

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Andrew Todis Death Dead – Andrew Todis Obituary: Andrew Todis Shot Dead

Tera Walsh was at Shotgun Willie’s that night. When she heard the commotion, she thought it was a fight.

“We saw people running and yelling and thought maybe it was a fight,” she said. “Until we heard somebody yelling, ‘drop the knife.’ My friend looked at me and said, ‘We have to go now. Right now.'”

Staff members immediately attempted to intervene, according to a press release from GPD. One of those staff members was 40-year-old Andrew Todis, the bouncer at the club (pictured below, on the right).

“I always felt safe when I knew Andrew was at the door,” Walsh said of Todis. “As we were running out that night, we both looked down and saw that Andrew was on the floor.”

Todis was the first of four victims stabbed Friday night by the suspect, identified by police as Kyle Swain, 40, of Arvada.

“I went to Andrew’s head to try and get a pulse as I was calling 911,” Walsh said. “We tried to keep him as alert as possible, so I just talked to him about anything,” she said, crying. “I just smiled at him and I said, ‘Andrew honey, they’re almost here. Wait a few more minutes, a few more seconds – they’re almost here.'”

Police said Swain stabbed three others Friday night – including another employee, a patron and the on-duty security guard – before that guard shot and killed Swain. GPD said Swain was pronounced dead at the scene.

“When I heard the gunshots,” Walsh said, “I didn’t go anywhere because I knew that Andrew needed help and that he would have done the same for me.”

Todis did not survive.

“We were in the place we needed to be and did as much as we possibly could,” Walsh said, holding back tears. “I am very sorry it wasn’t enough. To Andrew’s family – I really wanted to save him. I did,” she said Sunday morning at a small memorial outside Shotgun Willie’s that she organized in honor of Todis.

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