Andy Cohen Talks Firing Teresa Giudice

Andy Cohen Talks Firing Teresa Giudice


Teresa Giudice and Andy Cohen

Teresa Giudice has starred on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since its first season in 2009. She’s the only original cast member remaining in the series, let alone one of the only ones left of the entire Real Housewives franchise.

But at one point or another, that could have all changed. For years, the Teresa and her now ex-husband Joe Giudice battled multiple counts of fraud. The two were eventually sentenced to time in prison, and Teresa Giudice served a little more than 11 months in prison in 2015.

During that time, many fans wondered if Giudice would return to RHONJ or if Andy Cohen – executive producer and the face of Bravo – would even let her. Cohen has recently broken his silence, saying he chose not to fire her when many fans wanted him to do so.

“There were people who said, ‘You have to fire her,’ ” Cohen recently shared with Variety. “And it’s like, ‘Look, she’s going to jail. We’ve invested all this time.’ This was something that her friends were accusing her of for years, and she was running from it. I’d rather see her grow as a human being than kill her off.”

Giudice Firing Rumors Recently Circulated

Giudice still remains a central figure in the RHONJ franchise as other cast members come and go. The first episode of Season 11 began with a bang when Giudice discussed cheating rumors about co-star Jackie Goldschneider’s husband. At the time, a source told Page Six that she brought up the alleged rumor, because she was “terrified” of being fired.

“She’s being watched by the network and needed a story to stir the pot,” the source explained to Page Six. “She had zero proof [that he cheated] and made up the story because Bravo has been getting rid of original ‘Housewives,’ [She’s] too expensive and they can filter through different women She’s desperately trying to stay relevant.”

The source continued, “Teresa is the highest paid ‘Housewife.’ If they get rid of her, it’s because they pay her too much and her act is no longer worth it, but she’s been a franchise favorite forever.”

Giudice subtly shut down the rumors. An Instagram account called @sidepieceshow reposted the story, and Giudice commented under the post, “Not true.”

Giudice Has Discussed How Her Family Troubles Over the Years Have Affected Her

Viewers watched from the outside as Giudice experienced many challenges over the years, from family arguments to her parents’ deaths to her time and prison, and lots of drama in the middle.

“I’ve been through so much,” Giudice shared with Entertainment Tonight in February. “Seasons 1 and 2, I started the show, I was like, this is great. They’re just going to follow me and my friends around doing what I normally do. And then season 3, that’s when the family came on. It was terrible. And then, all of the legal stuff. And then I lost my mom. I lost my dad. It’s been a lot.”

Giudice continued, explaining that she was going through a rough time when this season began filming. “When I started this season, I wasn’t in a good place,” Giudice said. “I had lost my dad. So yeah, it’s hard. It’s like, I miss them tremendously. It sucks. He missed my mom and he wanted to be with my mom, which I totally understand.”

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