Angie Johns, ‘My 600-Lb Life’: Where Is She Today?

Angie Johns, ‘My 600-Lb Life’: Where Is She Today?


Angie on My 600 Lb Life

Nine months ago, Angie Johns made the trip to Houston, Texas, where she met Dr. Now, but her return to her home in Ohio was met with conflict. Angie and her husband, Justin, had a fight about his drug usage, and Justin ultimately left.

After Justin’s departure, Angie missed her follow-up appointment with Dr. Now, and it took her three months to reach back out to him. Now, she’s determined to make a change for the better.

On tonight’s episode, during a phone call with Dr. Now, Angie is accused of drug usage, and Dr. Now threatens to conduct a toxicology report on Angie.

When Dr. Now then brings Angie in to discuss her toxicology report, he says that he found evidence of narcotics and heavy smoking usage. He requests she go to rehab, which Angie says she is deeply offended by. Angie refuses to go to rehab and quits Dr. Now’s program.

Tonight’s episode picks up ten months later, with Angie back home in Ohio.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘It’s Time To Take This Journey Into My Own Hands’

On this episode of My 600 Lb Life: Where Are They Now, Angie shares that she is no longer working with Dr. Now, and is working on her own to get back to a healthy life.

“I don’t have a diet plan, I just don’t buy stuff I’m not allowed to eat. I don’t really count calories,” she admits.

Angie says she won’t sacrifice her pride for anything. She reveals that because she and Justin gave up their apartment in Ohio, they are temporarily stuck in Texas. “My hope is, if I make more progress, then Dr. Now will see that he is wrong. I’ll show him that and maybe get a second chance.”

Angie’s Therapy Session

Eleven months into her weight loss journey, Angie visits a therapist in the hopes this will help her manage her issues.

When Dr. Pardaise delves into Angie’s personal life, she explains that she was the oldest of twelve children, and her mother was an alcoholic and her father was a drug addict. “My mom had affairs and stuff… [my dad] would hit my mom and stuff.”

When Dr. Paradise asks Angie if she remembers the abuse clearly, she says she does. After unpacking a majority of Angie’s past, they touch on the subject of Justin, and Angie admits it could be a better relationship.

Dr. Paradise also asks Angie to do homework: to assess her self-worth and treat herself like someone she cares about. After the session, Angie admits she is “broken” and realizes it’s going to take her more sessions to understand the intricacies of where she is in life and how to ameliorate the situation.

Fortunately, Justin is receptive to Angie’s request to hold a weekly ‘marriage meeting’, where they have a forum to discuss their communication issues and problems.

But will working through her issues help her come to terms with her compulsive eating? Will Angie ultimately succeed in shedding enough weight for surgery?

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC at 8pm ET/PT.

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