Anthony Fauci Disagrees With Joe Rogan: ‘That’s Incorrect’

Anthony Fauci Disagrees With Joe Rogan: ‘That’s Incorrect’


Commentator Joe Rogan speaks during weigh-ins for UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena on July 8, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The nation’s leading voice on COVID-19 has disagreed with podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s view on receiving a vaccination for the virus.

Rogan’s recent comments on the COVID-19 vaccine during episode No. 1639 of the Joe Rogan Experience have sparked outrage with some. Rogan said he believes that if you’re “young” and “healthy,” you don’t need to get vaccinated.

Speaking with comedian and political commentator Dave Smith, Rogan said, “If you’re like 21 years old, and you say to me, should I get vaccinated? I’ll go no. Are you healthy? Are you a healthy person? Like, look, don’t do anything stupid, but you should take care of yourself. If you’re a healthy person, and you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young, and you’re eating well, like, I don’t think you need to worry about this.”

Rogan reiterated that he believes “it’s safe to get vaccinated, for the most part. Watch a clip of Rogan’s comments below:


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Dr. Anthony Fauci Said Rogan’s Comments About Receiving the Vaccine Are ‘Incorrect’

Dr. Anthony FauciDr. Anthony Fauci

GettyDirector of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci listens during the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House on April 6, 2020, in Washington, DC.

While conducting an interview on TODAY, Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about Rogan’s stance on receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

Fauci disagreed with Rogan, saying that his view is coming from an individual lens and not considering society as a whole. He said that even if someone contracts COVID-19 and doesn’t get any symptoms, they could still spread the virus to other people.

“Well, that’s incorrect,” Fauci said. “And the reason why is that you’re talking about yourself in a vacuum then. You’re worried about yourself getting infected and the likelihood that you’re not gonna get any symptoms.

“But you can get infected and will get infected if you put yourself at risk. And even if you don’t have any symptoms, you’re propagating the outbreak because it is likely that you — even if you have no symptoms — that you may inadvertently and innocently then infect someone else who might infect someone who really could have a problem with a severe outcome.”

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Fauci Reiterated That It’s Important to Get the Vaccine to Curb the Spread of COVID-19

During the interview with TODAY, Fauci said that if Americans are viewing the pandemic with society in mind, they should get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“So if you want to only worry about yourself and not society, then that’s OK,” Fauci continued. “But if you’re saying to yourself, ‘Even if I get infected, I could do damage to somebody else, even if I have no symptoms at all,’ and that’s the reason why you’ve got to be careful and get vaccinated.”

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