Anthony “Slim” Grayer Death – Dead: Anthony Grayer Obituary, Cause of Death

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Anthony “Slim” Grayer Death – Dead: Anthony Grayer Obituary, Cause of Death | Friends and family are grieving the loss of Anthony “Slim” Grayer. 🙏🙏🙏

He passed away Monday evening at a local hospital where he was being treated for COVID-19. He died on July 20, 2020.

Friends say Slim was a “pillar of the community.”
Grayer was 63-years old.
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  1. I met Anthony “Slim” Grayer back in 1985 when I was playing in a local band at a bar he owned and operated at the time called “The White House”. Slim was always an open door person. Never turned anyone away. In the 35 years I knew him, I wold stop in to see him from time to time at Club Supreme for a few cold one’s usually on my way home from a gig to unwind and mingle with a few of his regulars. He catered and ran the bar at my wedding back in 1993. He provided a temporary bar licence and ran the bar for me at a fundraiser I managed at La Villita Assembly Hall back in 2004. He made perfectly sure all of our attendees had plenty of snacks and refreshments and helped make our event a major success. I was even able to provide entertainment a few times at the infamous annual “Slim Fest” during Fiesta. His place was always jumpin’ and I enjoyed my time I got to spend with him. He was a good friend to MANY and and loved by ALL that knew him personally. He will dearly be missed.

  2. I Met “Slim” back in the 80’s as a young teenager. My mom and all her friends frequently hung out at the Ice House on St. Mary’s. Even though I was young he always made sure I had a cold soda and something to eat or snack on. He was a kind soul and will miss his kind heat. The Lord and all the angels will now have the best BBQ and Slim burger in heaven. I pray for you family during this difficult time. Much love to you all!

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