Are Rumors Behind Chris Achilleos’ Cause of Sudden Death True?

Are Rumors Behind Chris Achilleos' Cause of Sudden Death True?

Many condolences have been shared due to the artist’s passing on December 9, 2021. Stay a little longer to learn more about him to see if he really passed away and if so, what was Chris Achilleos’ cause of death related to?

We learned the tragic news from a tweet by Dr. Arnold T Blumberg, writing: “RIP and farewell to Chris Achilleos, an artist who helped to make the experience of discovering the vast universe of #DoctorWho via the Target novels so exciting and memorable.”

DWAS ONLINE announced as well: “It is with enormous sadness we have learned of the sudden passing of legendary artist Chris Achilleos. Christos was a great friend of Society and will be missed by so many. We offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Tasha, his family, and all his friends.”

According to his website, Mr. Achilléos was a Greek Cypriot-born British who was a well-known and talented illustrator, painter, and movie conceptual artist.

“He was SO influential in my formative days as a young Dr. Who fan.”

He grew up in a rural village near the town of Famagusta in Cyprus, but after Chris’s father passed away in the late fifties, he moved to London with his mother moved along with her four children.

In 1966, he left school, although as he wanted to become a professional artist, he planned to attend the Hornsey College of Art. He studied technical illustration there as well as learning about various drawing disciplines, airbrushing, and perspective.

The beloved artist became proficient with the airbrush, known as a skill that proved very useful in his later career as a professional illustrator during his last year at college.

He has successfully created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour art and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artists in the world over the past 40 years, staying in this career.

To name a few of his art projects:

  • Beauty and the Beast

I am constantly on the move, creatively, I have learned to use all kinds of mediums and materials in my work, from airbrushing with inks and acrylics, to watercolour and gouache, to oils. I have even painted with fabric dyes.

Chris Achilleos

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What was Chris Achilleos’ Cause of Death?

As it’s reported, Chris Achilleos’ cause of death was health-related, and he has passed away due to a sudden illness; however, nothing yet has been confirmed, not denied by any close sources. Make sure to visit the website more often not to miss the latest updates.

Tony Lee expressed: “Gutted to learn that Chris Achilleos passed away on Monday after a sudden illness. Utterly crushed. He was taken way too soon. One of the loveliest men I’ve ever met, and he’ll be missed.”

One tweeted: “Very sad news about Chris Achilleos. I worked closely with him when I designed his book Amazona while I was still at Titan. He was kind and gracious and always full of good ideas. I even got to visit his house* which was, as you can imagine, covered in his fantastic artwork. RIP.”

Martin O’Gorman said: “I met Chris Achilleos in the 90s at some convention and was genuinely star struck. I’d spent so many hours as a kid trying to copy his style (dot by dot) and told him so. “You sad man,” he said. Well, I wouldn’t be this sad if it wasn’t for his evocative artwork. Thanks, Christos.”

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