Arissa Hill Says TJ Lavin Was ‘Loud & Wrong From Sidelines’

Arissa Hill Says TJ Lavin Was ‘Loud & Wrong From Sidelines’


The Challenge’s TJ Lavin

The Challenge: All Stars is heading into the mid-season with four episodes now released on Paramount Plus and viewers have seen a lot of intense competition and no shortage of drama. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 22.

During the fourth episode, Beth Stolarczyk was sent into the Arena as the captain of the losing team and Katie Cooley nominated herself to go into elimination against her. However, after Mark Long used the Life Shield to find out its powers and replace Katie in elimination, host TJ Lavin surprised contestants by revealing that the house would have to vote in a new opponent for Beth.

Darrell Taylor asked Beth who she wanted to face and the Real World: Los Angeles star said Arissa Hill’s name, which led to the majority of the other contestants voting in Arissa. However, instead of facing Beth in elimination, Arissa yelled at her cast members and quit the show:

The way you all pulled this s*** was some fragrant, snake-a** s***. While I respect the way that this game is played, what I don’t respect is how y’all are living, which is pretty motherf****** foul. The reality is when I did win, there’s no f****** way I could come back and be under the same roof as y’all motherf******.

As she walked off, TJ called out and said, “You’re just quitting?” When she kept walking, TJ blew his air horn and said, “Alright, don’t take care. Hope to see you never.” The popular host is notoriously against quitters and has never hesitated to make his feelings about them clear. However, after the episode aired, Arissa addressed that moment.

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Arissa Said TJ Didn’t Know the Full Story of What Happened in the House

Arissa spoke to Us Weekly after the episode aired and said there is a lot that was going on in the house that affected her decision and criticized TJ. Though she said she’s not upset with him, he doesn’t know the full story: “TJ doesn’t know what I was battling besides this. So, you know, he can have an opinion from the sidelines. I’ve been loud and wrong from the sidelines too.”

Arissa said one of the main issues she had on the show was her health, with her gluten allergy causing her to lose “a fair amount” of weight due to a lack of a proper diet. “There were things that were happening in the house that were building up,” she explained. “I would come home to try to make myself a snack and discover that my gluten-free food was eaten because somebody was drunk and just came and ate the only food that I had.”

She said despite that and being “in pain and itching and uncomfortable,” she enjoyed competing on All Stars and is grateful for the experience.

Darrell Also Criticized Arissa’s Move & Said Someone Else Could Have Taken Her Place

The Challenge legend Darrell Taylor also spoke to Us Weekly and said he was disappointed by Arissa’s decision to quit, as were many others in the house. He said if she hadn’t been on the show, another female contestant could have taken her place, with Casey Cooper and Heather Cooke popular cast members who were quarantining as alternates.

“It’s like you waste other people’s chance of being there, which is not cool at all,” Darrell told the outlet. “She chose to quit because she was scared. She was scared of getting beat.”

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