Arsenal fans on rumours ex-star Jack Wilshere will join protests


Spades of Arsenal fans have been left in awe following rumours that former star and academy graduate Jack Wilshere will attend protests at the Emirates Stadium against owner Stan Kroenke.

Mega-rich American Kroenke, who owns a plethora of a top-league sports organisations, including Arsenal, is facing further wrath from the fanbase after the club signed up to the European Super League.

Thankfully, the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ all announced their plans to withdraw from the selfish and greedy competition that would’ve ruined football, but Arsenal fans will not forgive, neither forget.

Kroenke is already frowned upon by many sections of the fanbase owing to a lack of investment into the club and the recent decision to bring Arsenal’s historical name into disrepute is unforgivable.

Arsenal fans on social media have now run wild after unconfirmed rumours that Jack Wilshere will attend the demonstration, which is to be hold outside their Emirates Stadium home on Friday evening.

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Here is some reaction from the Arsenal faithful to the unconfirmed reports: 

As excited as fans may be by this viral rumour, they may have found themselves fooled to the unrealistic chances of it actually happening.

Wilshere, who joined the club at nine and left in the summer of 2018, will no doubt be in the squad for current club Bournemouth’s home Championship tie that kicks off on Saturday at 12.30pm.

It would be incredibly difficult, and perhaps a breach of Covid-19 rules, if Wilshere was to be in North London on Friday night and turn up for duty for the Cherries just the morning after.

If this is in fact a false rumour concocted by some fans, it could actually do more harm than good.

It’s brought attention onto the protests, which could encourage the club and Kroenke to put measures into place that would minimise the impact of the demonstration, perhaps by staffing and policing.