Arsenal have taken the lead over Chelsea as Lacazette scores

Stockpile have started to lead the pack over Chelsea at the Emirates, with Alexandre Lacazette terminating home from the punishment spot.

The Gunners headed into this game in fifteenth spot, being not kidding longshots to get an outcome against Chelsea, who could go second in the Premier League table with a success.

Armory were the better group over the span of the principal half against Chelsea – and got their prize, with Reece James cutting down Kieran Tierney in the punishment zone.

There was negligible contact, however VAR didn’t declare it to be a reasonable and evident mistake. The punishment was along these lines granted, with Lacazette committing no error.

Without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the field, Lacazette took responsibility for taking the penalty, in a team shot of confidence, and delivered from 12-yards.

He deserves great credit for that, as does Kieran Tierney, who managed to convinced the match officials and VAR to award a penalty for what was pretty clearly not a foul.