Arsenal’s Kroenke family rule out possibility of selling club amid ESL anger


Arsenal fans will not be pleased to read this one.

After learning Arsenal were one of 12 European founding clubs looking to break away and form a ‘Super League’, fans have rightfully been left reeling.

The worrying plans were eventually shelved after the backlash from fans, media personnel, fellow pros and even the Prime Minister made the proposal virtually impossible to push through.

However, of course, tensions are still high with several clubs demanding their owners sell up and move on.

One of those fanbases hoping to see their current hierarchy depart is Arsenal’s.

However, speaking in a recent fan forum Q&A, Joshua, son to owner Stan Kroenke, revealed the wealthy American family have no intentions of quitting the Gunners.

When quizzed on whether or not the owners will be looking to invest, Joshua said: “We have big plans to invest, we have plans, we want to be great again, but a long term model does not support long term high investment. No intention of selling.”

Stan Kroenke has been the majority shareholder of Arsenal since 2011 and has a reported net worth of nearly £6bn.