Ashok Mustafi Death – Dead: Ashok Mustafi Obituary, Cause of Death

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Ashok Mustafi Death – Dead: Ashok Mustafi Obituary, Cause of Death

Ashok Mustafi, who trained Sourav Ganguly in his early days, passed away on Thursday after suffering from an elongated illness. The 86-year-old was one of the known coaches of Kolkata.

Under Mustif’s guidance, the former Indian captain Ganguly practiced at the Dukhiram Coaching Centre which is known to produce prolific Ranji cricketers for the Bengal team. The Prince of Kolkata has several times mentioned his childhood coach’s name on how he helped the aggressive batsman in learning the basics of cricket.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly with his friend Sanjay Dutt, who also trained with the former Indian cricketer, took initiative to take care of their coach. He was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata after last month his health deteriorated. Mustafi”s family informed that the 86-year-old died after suffering from cardiac arrest early morning on Thursday. He is survived by a daughter, based in London.

“He was suffering from heart-related ailments and was admitted to a hospital in April. Early this morning he suffered a cardiac arrest and breathed his last,” a family source told PTI.

In 1992, Mustafi joined Howrah Union before associating himself with a coaching centre near his residence in Saltlake.

Not only Ganguly has shined under Mustafi’s coaching, but dozen of other cricketers have also attained great heights at whichever level they played.

Meanwhile, Sourav Ganguly’s tenure of BCCI president ended last week. He is, currently, waiting for the Supreme Court’s order to waive off his mandatory three-years cooling off period. The apex court will announce the decision on 17th August till then there is no clarity over Ganguly’s role in BCCI.

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