Astrid Loch & Kevin Wendt Are Having a Baby

Kevin Wendt/Instagram

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt.

Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch are having a baby! The couple, who met on “Bachelor in Paradise,” shared the exciting news on Instagram on Mother’s Day.

“Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my queen,” Kevin captioned his post.

“This is a very big day for us, after a long and tough road to get here. The @thewendtgang is officially growing!! Thank you @astridloch for giving me the one thing I’ve wanted most in my life. (Check out my stories to see how our little baby embryo grew to be the chosen one)… We will have much more to share about the struggle and steps we took to get here, but today we are just so excited to share the news that we are going to be parents!!” Kevin wrote.

Kevin added the hashtags “#ivfbaby #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfawarness.” In the photo, Astrid held up the couple’s dog, Ace, in one hand and a string of ultrasound photos in the other.

In an Instagram post of her own, Astrid called the news a “dream come true.” The couple did not announce the baby’s due date or gender.

Kevin and Astrid met during Season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The couple didn’t leave “Paradise” together, but ended up connecting once they got home. They dated for about a year before Kevin popped the question in September 2019, according to People. Kevin and Astrid currently call Toronto home.

Astrid Got Candid About Her IVF Journey in an Interview With People & on Instagram

Kevin and Astrid have been talking about starting a family for a long time. In fact, it’s something that they discussed in one of the first conversations they had, according to Astrid’s Instagram caption.

However, things didn’t happen as easily as every woman hopes. In an interview with People magazine that ran on Mother’s Day, Astrid opened up about her struggle to conceive.

“We actually did IUIs (intrauterine insemination) before doing IVF (in vitro fertilization). We did two cycles with that,” Astrid told People magazine.

“IVF is just so much more intrusive, so we were trying to go that route at first and then during our second cycle, we actually ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. … I ended up having to take medication to terminate the ectopic pregnancy, and then it pushed our whole thing back another two-and-a-half months,” she said.

She continued, “You can’t try [to conceive] after that because the meds that you take to terminate are so strong. It’s basically like a cancer med that they give you to terminate all living cells. So then, we couldn’t try and go into our IVF cycle for almost three months.”

Astrid revealed that she and Kevin tried to conceive for a year before deciding to go to a fertility clinic. The couple started IVF just before Christmas 2020.

In Astrid’s pregnancy announcement, she penned a heartfelt caption for those who are struggling to get pregnant.

“To all the couples trying to get pregnant, my heart is with you. We know first hand how hard it can be to see these kinds of posts and feel sad & discouraged. We too struggled with fertility and conceiving naturally – it’s the toughest thing we’ve ever been through and I can’t wait to share more of how we got here. But today is finally about some good news & we hope you can enjoy it with us,” she wrote.

Kevin Also Opened up About How Difficult the Process Has Been

Kevin also got candid about the challenges that he and Astrid have faced while trying to start a family.

“We spent a lot of nights in tears because we just didn’t understand why it wasn’t working for us,” Kevin told People.

“Growing up, you’re always taught to not get pregnant and it always seems so easy on TV to get pregnant. Then you actually try and it’s actually really tricky. There’s a lot of people going through a similar struggle. It can really bring you down when all you see is the positive stuff on the internet,” he explained.

Kevin and Astrid celebrated their would-be wedding day back on November 13, about one month before they started IVF. The couple was forced to put off their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kevin made the announcement on Instagram in July 2020.

“We’ve decided to postpone to November 2021 & weirdly enough we’re actually okay with it. With everything going on in the world, uncertainty ahead, and so many changes happening in our lives (more on that soon) we realized it was time to take a step back and reevaluate our priorities,” he wrote. It’s unclear if he and Astrid are still planning on tying the knot this year.

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