Aventura Mall Shooting & Active Shooter Reports [VIDEO]


Heavy Breaking News

There are reports of a shooting or active shooter at Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida, on May 8, 2021. You can see videos from the scene throughout this story.

The reports are preliminary as they just broke. “Active shooter at AVentura mall yall be safe,” a man wrote on Twitter. Social media reports said the shooting may have broken out in the Nordstrom store, but authorities have not confirmed this information or any details of what’s going on.

Local10 reported that Aventura police had responded to the mall after reports of gunfire there, and they were searching the mall as people hid inside in various locations. Be aware that some active shooter or shooting reports at malls have turned out to be false alarms; it’s too early to know here.

One woman wrote on Twitter that she was “literally locked in a store at Aventura Mall because there is an active shooter.” Other reports on social media said people were “running and trampling” each other in their haste to get out of the mall.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Emerged of the Scene

Video emerged of the scene inside and outside the Aventura Mall.

‘Everyone Was Running,’ a Witness Wrote

Witnesses gave accounts of the situation on social media. “Shooting in aventura mall I was scared af for my kids. I literally walked in and everybody was running,” wrote one woman.

“My bro called me saying he just fled from Aventura mall cus a wild a** shooting at the Nordstrom occurred, thank god he’s okay,” wrote another person.

This story is being updated as more is learned about the shooting reports.

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