Avery Barnes Accident | Avery Barnes Car Accident

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Avery Barnes Accident | Avery Barnes Car Accident – Avery Barnes was involved in a fatal car accident on July 22, 2020.

According to her GoFundMe Page;

On 7/22/20, while standing near the street with friends, Avery Barnes, 16, was tragically struck by a car and critically injured in a horrific accident caused by a reckless driver.

She is suffering from multiple internal injuries, broken bones and serious skin injuries and burns over 30% of her body that will require dozens of reconstructive and painful surgeries , skin grafts, lengthy hospital stays and extensive physical therapy.

All proceeds will go to helping pay medical and recovery expenses, skin graft procedures, therapy and rehabilitation costs, out of work expenses for her parents who will have to care for her around the clock and future needs for her and her family.

She is expected to fully recover in 18-24 months but will still have painful physical and emotional scars to deal with. Please pray for Avery and her family. Thank you so much for donating. Creator of this page is Karen Jacobs, from Orlando, Avery’s “other Aunt Karen” who has been a friend of their family for over 25 years.

Update: 07/23/2020 – 6:33pm
Avery is out of her first surgery to debride the wounds and stabilize her broken femur. She is in critical but stable condition as of right now. Tomorrow morning they will close her open abdominal incision. Doctors opened her up to stop internal bleeding and put ice in her abdomen to reduce swelling. Internal bleeding seems to have stopped at this point.

Next week she will have skin grafts to repair the burns that cover 30% of her body. She still has neurological, plastic surgery and physical therapy assessments to undergo. Thank you for your prayers – please continue to pray for complete healing.

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