‘Bachelor’ Alum Lauren Luyendyk Gives Update on Twins’ Birth

Photo Credit: ABC – Craig Sjodin

The Luyendyk twins could soon be here. In a  new post shared on Instagram, “The Bachelor’s” Lauren Burnham Luyendyk revealed that she started feeling contractions in a new way. The mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy and a baby girl with her husband, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and it sounds as though the twins will be coming way before their original July due date.

On her social media page, Lauren posted a photo of her covering her bump with a large straw hat. In the caption she wrote, “Ok I’ve been sooooo tired the past 2 days, started getting super puffy over the last week or two & this morning started having contractions when I normally only get them in the afternoons. I think it’s going to be baby time real soon!!”

Lauren Luyendyk Previously Revealed That Her Doctor Set a ‘Goal’ Date For Her Twins’ Birth


In early May, Lauren teased that the doctors set an ambitious goal date for her twins’ arrival. At the time she was 31 weeks along, and she shared an update that her doctor set a “new goal” for her to make it to 34 weeks. On her Instagram Story, Lauren urged her babies to stay in  “just a [little] longer.”

It would not be unusual for Lauren to deliver well ahead of a normal 40-week pregnancy term as twins are often born a month or more early.

Lauren gave birth to daughter Alessi two years ago, on May 29, 2019, and the baby did come about a week early. According to People, a few hours before dad-to-be Arie revealed that the couple was at the hospital and the baby was on her way, the couple shared an Instagram photo of a very pregnant Lauren wearing a hospital gown,  with the caption,  “Is it time yet? #39weekspregnant.”

Arie also shared an update on the timing of his wife’s contractions and revealed that she received an epidural at 5 a.m., which was about nine hours before baby Alessi Ren made her arrival into the world, per Today.

Lauren Luyendyk Admitted She Is Afraid of Having a C-Section

On an Instagram story last week, Lauren revealed that both of her babies were positioned head down. That update came after the fashion designer previously admitted she was worried about the possibility of having a cesarean-section delivery. Lauren told Us Weekly she’s “a little bit nervous” to deliver newborn twins.

“I’m not nervous about the labor part as much, but I haven’t had a C-section before,” she said. “Surgery is kind of scary to me. So I’m nervous about having a C-section because both of my kids are breech. There is a possibility that will happen.”

While the babies have seemingly turned things around, the 29-year-old expectant mom added that she is concerned about “not getting any sleep at all” after giving birth to twins, and revealed she will have to tag team with her husband to feed and change the babies and get them back to sleep so she can get some shut-eye herself.

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