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Barbara Alexander Car Accident

Hit and Run Crash Turns into Homicide Investigation

On November 5, 2020 Barbara Alexander, age 68, a Boise resident, was struck by a motorist on 11th Ave S in Nampa. She died this weekend as a result of her injuries.

The Nampa Police Department has been seeking the publics help in identifying the driver who struck her and fled the scene.

Attached are images of the suspect vehicle, believed to be a silver or gray, 2007-2009 Dodge Caliber. The car is missing its passenger side mirror and likely has damage on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Anyone with information about a potential suspect is asked to contact Nampa Police Officer Angela Phillips at 208-590-3939, Detective Chad Benson at 208-468-5584, Nampa Dispatch at 208-465-2257 option 2, or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS(2677) or leave a web tip at
Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho

Nampa Police Arrest Suspect in Pedestrian Hit and Run
The following is an update to the crash November 5th on 11th Ave. S. in Nampa, which resulted in the death of Barbara Alexander.

This afternoon Nampa Police officers arrested Karl L. Kukuchka, age 56, a Nampa resident, for felony leaving the scene of an accident 18-8007, and for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter 18-4006(3).

An attentive motorist alerted law enforcement when they saw Kukuchka driving a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description provided to the public.

This vehicle was a silver Dodge Caliber with passenger side body damage and missing the passenger mirror. Caldwell Police Officers stopped Kukuchka in the area of Caldwell Blvd. and Florida Ave.

Nampa Police responded and after further investigation arrested Kukuchka for the aforementioned charges. He has been transported to the Canyon County Jail.
The Nampa Police Department would like to thank the public and this reporting party specifically for their assistance in this case.


(1) The driver of any vehicle that has been involved in an accident, either upon public or private property open to the public, who knows or has reason to know that said accident has resulted in injury to or death of any person shall:

(a) Immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close thereto as possible. Every stop required under this section shall be made without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.

(b) Remain at the scene of the accident until the driver has fulfilled all the requirements under this section.

(c) Give his name, address, the name of his insurance agent or company if he has automobile liability insurance, and the motor vehicle registration number of the vehicle he is driving to the person struck, or to the driver or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with.

(d) If available, exhibit his driver’s license to the person struck, or to the driver or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with.

(e) Render to any person injured in the accident reasonable assistance, including the conveying or the making of arrangements for the conveying of such person to a physician, surgeon, hospital or other medical facility, for medical or surgical treatment, if it is apparent that such treatment is necessary or if such conveying is requested by the injured person.

(2) A violation of any provision of this section shall constitute a felony and be punished by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) or by imprisonment in the state penitentiary for a period of not more than five (5) years, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(3) The director of the transportation department shall revoke for a period of one (1) year the driver’s license or permit to drive, or the nonresident operating privilege, of any person convicted or found guilty of violating any provision of this section. Such revocation shall preclude any type of work permit or other form of limited driving privileges as provided in section 49-326, Idaho Code

18-4006. MANSLAUGHTER DEFINED. Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being including, but not limited to, a human embryo or fetus, without malice. It is of three (3) kinds:

(1) Voluntary — upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

(2) Involuntary — in the perpetration of or attempt to perpetrate any unlawful act, other than those acts specified in section 18-4003(d), Idaho Code; or in the commission of a lawful act which might produce death, in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection; or in the operation of any firearm or deadly weapon in a reckless, careless or negligent manner which produces death.

(3) Vehicular — in which the operation of a motor vehicle is a significant cause contributing to the death because of:

(a) The commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to a felony, with gross negligence; or

(b) The commission of a violation of section 18