Bayern Munich set to rival Real Madrid for highly-rated midfielder

Nobody has come out of the whole ESL debacle looking that brilliant, but Florentino Perez has revealed himself to be exactly what we all he thought he was.

Perhaps he should be respected for failing to hide behind the nonsense that this idea was to benefit all of football, as all he could ever talk about were the financial benefits.

It’s clear that Real Madrid are in one almighty mess just now so he needs this project to work if Real want to be competitive as they rebuild an entire team, while all he could ever say about smaller clubs is they would benefit as he might spend a lot of money on their players.

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We can all see that the ESL is falling apart as most of the teams have pulled out, but some of his recent comments make it sound like he’s still clinging on to the slightest bit of hope: (Quotes from Cadenaser)

“I am a bit sad and disappointed because we have been working on this project for three years .

“The project is now, let’s say, on standby . If the Super League still exists? Yes , the society exists, but hey, you are half gone, tired of what they have heard in 24 hours and they say, ‘look, I don’t want to continue in this’. Juventus has not left, I don’t know why they say that, nor Milan, I don’t know why they say that. They are and we are all together and Barcelona, ??reflecting to see how we are capable 

” No penalty has yet been paid because this has just happened, so all 12 are there for now , because they have not left yet.”

It’s bad news for Real Madrid fans if they have a President who would rather live in a dream world rather than face reality, while you can be sure he’s seen the writing on the wall and he’s padding this out as much as possible to use as a scapegoat when the likes of Kroos, Ramos, Benzema, Marcelo and Modric all leave and he’s unable to replace them.