Bazza Bailey Death – Dead: Bazza Bailey Suicide, Obituary

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Bazza Bailey Cause of Death | Bazza Bailey Committed Suicide according to report.

He Killed himself shortly after he post on Facebook saying “I’m Going to Hang Myself Tody”

Luke Fullbrook wrote “Today our community of stoke has lost a truly wonderful and beautiful soul. Bazza Bailey always wanted to help, regardless of who you were because he had struggled and known such depths of darkness his compassion ran deeper than most. I didn’t know baz for as long as some of you nor was I as close, but he touched and helped save me. A lot of you will be angry, and in shock and unable to comprehend what has happened today.

Some of you will believe it to be selfish. It’s not, it’s an act of desperation by someone in intense pain, someone who just wants the pain to stop. There is no suffering greater than that which drives people to suicide; suicide defines the moment in which mental pain exceeds the human capacity to bear it. It represents the abandonment of hope. Please f dg not be angry with yourselves or with baz.

If you need to vent, talk, anything I’m here as are others. Goodnight bro, you’re now free and Thankyou”

Emma Sullivan wrote “This is just one of many photos Bazza Bailey of you helping us on our Homeless and Rough sleeper outreach evenings around our communities, helping us to feed and keep warm many people and you never judged or looked down on any of the people we met on those evenings, you sat down next to them and listened You walked the streets with us on many of nights till gone 12am, always so kind to me and you helped me massively to help other people. Heart of gold and so selfless. I’m so sorry you were suffering inside.

The only thing worse then watching your live this morning was seeing the hurt and heartache In your face I hope you are at peace mate. My heart goes out to you, your family and friends. Fly high. R.I.P #mentalhealthmatters”

Jemma Ball wrote “This is how I remember Bazza Bailey, full of life and such a kind heart when it came to helping others.
I’m sorry that you were failed by mental health services when you needed them the most, I’m sorry you weren’t able to fight the demons any more. All my love goes out to his family. If anyone is in a similar position please message me, even if we haven’t spoken for a while I can lend an ear. Or you can call the Samaritans on 116 123.”
His collegaue James Ford wrote “When someone passes people always say ‘nicest guy, do anything for anyone’ n half the time its rubish.
Bazza Bailey was genuinely the nicest bloke and would do anything for anyone and everyone will say the same. He earned my respect 12 years ago when i was a complete stranger, went out his way to help me at a time when it seemed no one else could.
R.I.P. heartbreaking”

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