Best payment methods for online gaming to protect your data

In the past, if you purchased a game to play on your new games console, that was the only purchase that you needed to make. These days, almost every game includes in-game purchases that you need to pay for. This is after you have bought or downloaded the game.

In-game purchases can occasionally be quite cheap; however, you may need to make quite a lot of them. What this means is you will need to make sure you use a payment method that protects your data. The good news is there are some great payment methods that can protect your data at all times.


ecoPayz is a fairly new payment method, but it’s one that is becoming very popular. Known to be a very safe and secure way to make payments, this method can be used for personal and business customers. One of the great things about ecoPayz is that you don’t need to have a bank account to open an ecoPayz account. In addition to this, there are no credit checks. This is ideal for unbanked people who need to send and receive money.

Want to buy something for your friend’s birthday? Wish to place a bet or buy in-game goodies? Now you can. According to, ecoPayz also offers its customers a Mastercard, which can also be used for ATM withdrawals. This means you can access your cash and pay for things easily. While this form of payment is relatively new, it’s one that’s likely to grow exponentially thanks to its capabilities.


Originally created by a few people who used to work for eBay, PayPal is perhaps the world’s most trusted online payment system.

Whether you are planning to make an in-game purchase or deposit funds into your online casino account, PayPal is often the safest option. Many online casinos also accept PayPal, which means your data is likely to be safe every time you play.

When you’re opening a PayPal account, you only need to give your bank details once. Afterward, all that you need to do is give your PayPal email address and you’re good to go. This method of payment is perhaps one of the most secure out there.

Debit card

Debit cards tend to be used quite a lot when we’re shopping ‘offline’. However, they can also be used to make online gaming purchases. This type of payment method is one that does not usually come with any charges – not from your bank, anyway. Processing quickly, more so than bank transfers, using a debit card is a good way to stay safe.

Please note that if you do wish to use a debit card, the site that you’re making the payment to will have your card details. There is a risk with this type of payment, however, many sites take your trust very seriously. If you’re happy to take the risk then you may find using a debit card is the ideal method for you.


Cryptocurrency, also known as ‘digital money’, is a good alternative to paying by cash. Every cryptocurrency method that you may use tends to be quite safe. This is because financial transactions are kept secure due to the use of strong cryptography. This method of payment, like PayPal, is perhaps one of the most secure out there.

While this payment method was not well known just a few years ago, it has really taken off. Considered in some quarters to be much more valuable than gold, cryptocurrency can be accepted online. Bitcoin is usually the most popular form of cryptocurrency that’s accepted. Just make sure you know exactly how much you need to pay and when. Using this method of payment can be a little confusing at first, but after a while it will all make sense.


Neteller is an e-wallet that works to ensure all of your money is safe and secure. When you want to make online payments, you can transfer money from your e-wallet to the game or website in question. Your e-wallet can be loaded with money instantly, and making payments is quite easy.

Please be aware that you may be charged when you’re using your e-wallet. It, therefore, makes sense for you to find out how much the fees are. If you don’t think the charges are worth it, you could consider using another form of payment.

The above payment methods for online gaming can help to protect your data. If you are giving your financial details to someone, please make sure you trust them. If you’re not 100% sure they can be trusted, it may be worth re-thinking. However, using methods such as PayPal and cryptocurrency can help to keep all of your data as secure as possible.