Beth Stolarczyk Accused Jisela Delgado of Bullying Her

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There was a lot that went down in The Challenge: All Stars‘ fifth episode, from an important daily challenge to house drama and an exciting TJ Lavin twist. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 29.

During the episode, Syrus Yarbrough came in last in the daily challenge, a mini final consisting of an endurance run with checkpoints, after he and his partner Beth Stolarczyk were unable to complete their puzzle. However, Syrus claimed that the reason he was unable to focus on the puzzle and overcome his late start at the checkpoint was that Alton Williams was sabotaging the team by gassing out during the first leg of the challenge.

The majority of the house followed Syrus’ wishes in voting Alton into elimination because of that but Beth revealed after the episode that she felt “bullied” by Jisela Delgado before deliberation because Jisela was trying to protect Alton, with whom she had a blossoming romance.

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Beth Said She Didn’t Think Jisela Should Have Been That Aggressive Over Her New Relationship With Alton

On The Challenge Aftermath, Beth accused Jisela of bullying her during the deliberations over her budding relationship in the house with Alton. Beth explained to viewers that Syrus wanted to go up against Alton, and since he is a really good friend of hers, it was important to her to support his decision. She explained:

A lot of stuff happened that you didn’t see before deliberation but like, you know, I was getting yelled at by Alton and Jisela when I didn’t even have a vote to begin with, and they were both like, giving me all the business, telling me that I’m not voting with integrity.

It’s like, hello, this is my friend who I’ve known for like 20 years and you’re just like hooking up with this guy on the show who you just met and then I have to get screamed at because I’m supporting one of my best friends?

Beth explained that she wasn’t happy with that and felt that Jisela was getting into “bully mode.” She said she always felt like Jisela had been playing fair until then so she was disappointed to see it and added, “It really rubbed me the wrong way and pissed me off.”

Jisela Was Previously Accused by Fans of ‘Bullying’ Kendal During the 4th Episode

Jisela and other female competitors were also accused by fans of bullying Kendal Sheppard in the fourth episode, claims which she strongly denied. After the episode dropped, MTV star Angela Babicz tweeted asking why the women on All Stars were “bullying” Kendal. Jisela replied right away that “Kendal is not weak and no one is bullying her.”

The Road Rules: The Quest star explained that it’s normal for some people to not always get along and also said Mark Long didn’t like Kendal either. “Why are you only picking on the girls?” she asked. Jisela explained that she voted for Kendal because she didn’t trust her and wanted to: “I didn’t trust her, Mark wanted her in, and she came for me in deliberation now she was coming for my friend [Aneesa Ferreira]. Like all of that and in the end CAUSE I F****** WANTED TO.”

Jisela said she didn’t think that Kendal took responsibility for how she reacted in the trivia challenge and their “friendship did not blossom because of it.” However, she explained that she now thinks highly of Kendal although that process took time.

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