‘Big Brother’s’ Nick Maccarone, Heather Bonato Expecting

‘Big Brother’s’ Nick Maccarone, Heather Bonato Expecting


A “Big Brother” alum took fans by surprise over the weekend with a bit of a bombshell — Nick Maccarone announced that he is going to be a father this fall. A lot of fans didn’t even know Maccarone was seeing anyone. Here’s what you need to know, plus the tributes and well-wishes from Maccarone’s “Big Brother” family.

Maccarone Is Dating a Woman Named Heather Bonato

In simultaneous Instagram posts, Maccarone and his girlfriend, Heather Bonato, revealed the pregnancy news.

Maccarone wrote, “Baby Maccarone due in October of 2021!! I cannot put into words how excited I am, not just to become a father, but to continue to grow and mature, and start a new journey in life,” alongside an ultrasound picture and a onesie that says “plot twist” on the front.

IN the comments on Maccarone’s post, many fans expressed shock and surprise and asked who the mother is. Maccarone replied to a few of the comments that he tagged her on the photo.

Bonato posted the same photo, plus one picture of herself and Maccarone holding the onesie. She captioned hers, “I’ve been kinda MIA & sleepy lately for a reason! Our Baby is coming October 2021. We’re so excited to welcome our baby into the world, this year! I can’t wait to meet you, beautiful child of mine.”

According to her Instagram profile, Bonato is a realtor with eXp Realty in one of their Philadelphia, Pennsylvania branches, a job she started in July 2019, according to Facebook. A quick glance through her posts shows that Bonato is quite the yoga enthusiast, loves her dog, Charlie, and is close with her mom.

Maccarone was previously in a romance with fellow “Big Brother 21” houseguest Kathryn Dunn. They got together in the jury house during the season and continued their romance for months after the show wrapped. But they broke up in April 2020. At the time, Dunn told US Weekly that the quarantine really “took its toll” on their long-distance relationship, but she added, “He’s still one of my best friends, we still talk pretty much every day.”

Maccarone’s ‘Big Brother’ Family is Thrilled For Him

The comments on his Instagram post are alight with “Big Brother” alumni congratulating Maccarone on the impending bundle of joy.

“So freakin’ excited to be an auntie!!!!!!” wrote fellow “Big Brother 21” houseguest Holly Allen. Elena Davies added, “Congrats dude” with several heart emojis.

Rachel Swindler might not have known Maccarone was in a relationship either, as she wrote, “What????? That’s awesome! Congrats Nick!”

“Man I am so happy for you Nick!!!” wrote Cliff Hogg. “Being a parent can be one of the toughest, most stressful jobs you can have. And yet it is the most important and most fulfilling as well. You’re going to love it!!!”

Christie Murphy wrote that she is “exploding from excitement” for Maccarone in ths new journey, adding, “Love you so much & can’t wait to dress your baby like a little taco and be Aunt Christie.”

Murphy and Maccarone infamously had a huge Taco Tuesday fight during “Big Brother 21,” but they are obviously on great terms now.

Other “Big Brother” alums Nicole Anthony and Glenn Garcia also congratulated Maccarone.

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season. Big Brother Canada returned for its ninth season on March 3.

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