‘Big Brother’s’ Nicole Franzel, Rachel Reilly Casting Advice

‘Big Brother’s’ Nicole Franzel, Rachel Reilly Casting Advice


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Some “Big Brother” alumni are giving casting advice as the show continues to look for season 23 contestants. Here is what Nicole Franzel, James Rhine, and Rachel Reilly have advised would-be houseguests to do to get cast on the show.

The Show Is Still Casting Season 23

In an Instagram story, Franzel revealed that in mid-April, the show is still going through application submissions. Around the same time, the official “Big Brother” Twitter account posted a call for submissions, writing, “Think you have what it takes to win #BB23? Well, you may have a shot to be on the show. Applications are now being accepted!”

The link took interested applicants to the official page that tells applications that in-person casting calls are not something they can do right now, so “it is important that every person complete an online application.”

Season 23 does not have a premiere date yet, but if the pattern holds from years’ past, it will debut in late June.

Alumni Advice

Franzel advised her followers to keep things simple, not to use some complicated video from social media. Just a “simple selfie video” is the way to go and to be sure to “show your personality,” (via Screenrant). https://screenrant.com/big-brother-nicole-franzel-apply-show-casting-advice/

Former all-star James Rhine was much more straightforward with his advice: “Step 1, Delete your Twitter. Step 2, apply…”

In the comments, fellow houseguest Angela Rockstar called Rhine’s tweet the “best advice out there.”

Also in the comments, someone asked what he would change about the current format and Rhine said, “More long term consequences and the power to barter them. The secret HOH Canada just did was a great idea,” while Brendon Villegas chimed in with, “Go back to key pulling!”

Speaking of Villegas, his wife Rachel Reilly, whom he met on “Big Brother,” recently gave an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet where she talked about what to do if you want to be a reality TV star. She said you have to go after it with your “whole heart.”

“I would say do your research if you want to be on a reality show. Know what you’re applying for and go for it with your whole heart. … I think the only thing I would let someone know before jumping in is to be themselves. The most crucial part of unscripted is to be yourself. If you aren’t genuine, casting and the audience can tell,” said Reilly.

She also advised finding the right show for what you are looking for, saying, “I think it’s vital to know what kind of show you want to be on and why you want to be on that show. If you know you want to win money on Big Brother because you are a huge fan, let casting know! If you’re going to win love and are looking for a partner, find the best option for a good love connection!

CBS has been encouraging applicants all over social media this time around. Back in March, a casting agent went on Reddit to look for applicants, writing, “We LOVE big gamers. We also love people who will elevate the gameplay and evolve it forward in their own unique way.”

So get your season 23 applications in ASAP, fans! Casting won’t go on indefinitely.

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season. Big Brother Canada returned for its ninth season on March 3.

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