‘Big Brother’s’ Will Kirby Re-Creates Season 2 Photos


Dr. Will Kirby on Big Brother

In a recent Instagram video, “Evil” Dr. Will Kirby re-created some classic photos from “Big Brother” season 2 — though fans were kind of horrible to him about it on Reddit. But it got us thinking — what iconic moments from the show would we want to see the players re-create nowadays?

Reddit Was Savage About the Photos

In the video, Kirby used his “Big Brother” promotional shot plus several other photos from season two and staged replicas of them “in celebration” of the 15-year anniversary of Laser Away, the company for which Kirby is Chief Medical Officer.

On Reddit, one “Big Brother” fan posted the photos with the caption “he really did age like fine wine,” and the other comments ripped into him (he later posted that he was being sarcastic). But many fans
voiced the opinion that Kirby should dye his hair to cover up the gray and others were lamenting the plastic surgery they think he has had done.

Either way, Kirby has definitely embraced the “Big Brother” fame in this day and age of social media. In a recent post about wanting to run for governor of California, Kirby jokingly wrote that the “one skeleton in [his] closet” is that he “happen[s] to have been a former reality television personality 20 years ago.”

Could This Start a ‘Big Brother’ Trend?

(BB10) Keesha’s Birthday Part 2This is quite possibly the greatest segment of fights in BB history. Also included is part of the POV competition2010-02-06T01:29:28Z

This got us thinking that it would be a lot of fun to watch “Big Brother” contestants re-create classic moments from the show on social media. The first thing that springs to mind is the iconic fight between Rachel Reilly and Ragan Fox from season 12. With the way you can stitch video together nowadays on TikTok, they could totally pull that off — and Fox recently revealed that he and Reilly are good friends now. They completely mended fences after the show, so they could certainly do this all in good fun.

Along those same lines, Beau Beasley and Janelle Pierzina had some epic fights during “Big Brother” season six, but have since become incredibly close friends, so they could also deliver some outstanding re-creations of their famous blowouts — “Take out those polyester hair extensions, b****!”

Other classic moments we’d love to see include:

  • The hand-washing fight from season three — “That girl lost her ever-loving mind!”
  • There was a massive fight during season six that earned all the houseguests a warning, but that one might be too involved to pull off on social media.
  • Keesha Smith’s birthday celebration from “Big Brother 10” — “anybody want cake?”
  • Reilly and Kristen Bitting’s fight during season 13 — “Floaters, you better grab a life vest!”
  • Dan Gheesling’s funeral from “Big Brother 14”
  • Ian Terry and Frank Eudy fighting on season 14 — “I’m having a toe-to-toe in a carrot costume.”
  • Paul Calafiore and Da’Vonne Rogers’ jury house fight from season 18 — “This is the one that you lay with?”
  • Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone’s Taco Tuesday fight from season 21
  • C’mon, “Big Brother” contestants! Make this happen for us on TikTok. It’s a great way to tide us over until “Big Brother” season 23 premieres this summer.

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