Big K.R.I.T. Returns With Baseball Banger “Pick Up The Pace”

Big K.R.I.T. Returns With Baseball Banger "Pick Up The Pace"

Big K.R.I.T. wastes little time in getting to work on his brand new single “Pick Up The Pace,” an unsurprisingly up-tempo lyrical drop produced by the man himself. Given the nature of the title, K.R.I.T. comes through to hold it down with a quick flow, adding a touch of melody to his delivery in the opening moments. Before long, the floodgates are open and the Mississippi rapper is spitting bars, highlighting a skillset that gets slept on the in rap discourse all too often.

The track, which arrives as a collaboration with MLB: The Show, should serve as a welcome reminder of what K.R.IT is capable of — and to think, it feels like he’s only warming up. Sticking close to the baseball theme on a lyrical front, K.R.I.T’s ability to make a niche topic sound compelling speaks to his ability as an entertainer. While prolific enough to keep his fans entertained, a new project from the multi-talented lyricist would be a welcome addition to 2021’s release slate. 

Check out K.R.I.T’s new collaboration with MLB The Show now, and sound off in the comments if you’re keen on a new album sooner than later.


Line drive like Deion, I’m prime time
I’m zeroed in, when bunting down I’m settled in
I break ground, steal the base when you not around
Golden glove with the triple crown