Biography & Net Worth: 2021 POPSUGAR editor’s favorite book

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I like to measure the year from the books I read from time to time. Not how many books, but which books are left in my mind, scenes where I can’t get out of my head, genres where I fell in love with my toes. Which book became your part, given the year of reading? Which is the author’s back catalog or #BookTok’s new location or #Bookstagram? Turning the last page I know the book has become a new favorite. Sit there for a few minutes, wash away the last words and collect yourself before returning to the real world.

Turning the pages of 2021 and preparing for the new year’s book, book-loving POPSUGAR editors recall why they made their favorite 2021 release special. Straddle genres from memoirs to young adult fantasies to romance, these are the ultimate books to recommend again before the clock hits midnight. Find out if you can find your favorite or add some new titles to your TBR list next year. 2022 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge—and find out if one of our recommendations will be on your list of favorites next year.