Biography & Net Worth: Assault: Who Was Davide Giri? Columbia Student Stabbed To Death, What Happened?

Davide Giri is a graduate student at Columbia University murdered near Manhattan Campus on Thursday night. The killer has a history of assault. 

Davide Giri was walking a few blocks away from the campus when he was stabbed in his abdomen around 11 p.m. The police have arrested a 25-year-old man in connection to the murder. 

Davide Giri Murderer Has Alleged Crime Of Assaults Previously

Davide Giri is a Ph.D. candidate from Columbia University who has been killed by a man with previous records of assaults. He was stabbed in the stomach near the Manhattan Campus. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he completed his Master’s degree from the University of Illinois Chicago for where he majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Furthermore, he joined in University of Columbia in 2016 to complete a Master’s in Philosophy, computer science. In addition, he continued his studies and received a Ph.D. in computer science from the same university. 

Besides talking about his work experience, he did an internship at EviSens Technology. Later, he worked as a graduate researcher in the department of electronic and telecommunication at Politecnico do Torino. 

He also worked as a Tets engineer at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Furthermore, he was a research intern at NVIDIA from May 2018-Aug 2018. He served as a graduate research assistant in the computer science department at Columbia University when he died. 

Columbia Student Davide Giri Stabbed To Death

Davide Giri, a student from Columbia University, was stabbed to death on Thursday. He was declared dead at Mount Sinai-Saint Luke’s Hospital.

According to the police, they found a second man with stab wounds while investigating the incident. He was a 27 years old tourist who was found wonder at West 110th Street and Cathedral Parkway. Police took him to the hospital in stable condition. 

The suspect was taken into custody when threatening the third man with a knife. Luckily, he was not injured as police arrived before the killer could take any action. 

Learn More About Davide Giri Murder 

Davide Giri was murdered when he walked a few blocks away from the school’s Morningside Heights campus. The murderer has records of 11 robberies and assaults. 

Authorities have not revealed his name yet, but they say he is a reputed gang member with a lenghty rap sheet. He had served a four-year prison stint when convicted of a gang assault in 2015.