Biography & Net Worth: BBC Radio: Dotun Adebayo Illness And Health Problems -What Happened To Him? Details To Know

62-year-old British radio broadcaster Dotun Adebayo concerned fans when false rumors of his ill health graced the internet.

Nigerian legend Dotun Adebayo has done wonders for the African community in England.

Outspoken since he was a child, he became the president of his university’s student union. 

Indeed, he had a knack for working in radio stations and editing rooms.

Moreover, he took friction to a new length when he helped in the publication of Baby father, Cop killer, and Yardie.

BBC Radio: Dotun Adebayo Illness And Health Problems

Dotun Adebayo is the host of BBC Radio. Currently, there is no news of his disease or illness.

The man is quite sturdy and suffers no health problems.

We are not sure where the rumors arsed from as he seems to be in shape for most of his life.

The broadcaster talked about the 9/11 terror attacks in 2018, along with ill health. But he was not talking about his health but the condition in general.

Dotun Adebayo Age And Wikipedia

Oludotun Davey Moore Adebayo was born on 25th August 1958. At present, he is 62 years old. 

Although he was born in Nigeria, his family moved to the United Kingdom when he was only six.

When he was young, he had aspirations for the big screen. He joined the National Youth Theatre to turn his dream into reality.

Indeed, he got his education at Woodlands Park Junior School. Later he graduated with a literate from Stockholm University.

The man is part of a celebrated family as his brother is a novelist. Even his nephew is a professional football player. 

Does Dotun Adebayo Have A Wife? Where Is He Now?

Dotun Adebayo is blissfully married to his wife, Caroll Thomson. The Jamaican lady is a rock singer, having skills for piano and guitar.

Even after years of marriage, they are still very smitten with each other. In 2020, the lady made a romantic gesture, dedicating a sweet song to her husband.

Before that, she appeared as a guest on his show, where they talked about their relationship struggles.

They are parents to two beautiful daughters. He is currently at his residence it is family.

Dotun Adebayo Salary 2021 Details

As of 2021, the salary of Dotun Adebayo is between 150,000 euros to 154,000 euros. 

Accounting to his LinkedIn, he is a radio presenter and the chairman of Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham.

The man started his career in theatre, performing in plays like The Red Devil Battery Sign and The Oblong Box.

He started working for BBC when he was just 12 years old on Network Africa.

In 1991, he landed the job of a magazine editor and wrote for various tabloids.

Moreover, he is the founder of the publishing company Xpress.