Biography & Net Worth: BML Protester Cortez Rice Arrested Over Harassment -What Actually Happened? Details To Know

Cortez Rice, a black lives case protester, has been charged with attempted to intimidate Judge Regina Choo, who is currently hearing the Kim Potter trial.

Cortez Rice was seen videoing live outside the apartment, believed to be a judge in protest against the Black Life case. The act was considered harassment to the judge, and he was charged.

Former police officer, Kim Potter shot and killed 20-year-old Dante Wright. Thus, he is on trial for murder in the court of Judge Regina.

Amidst the lawsuit, there have been several protests by Black Life Matter activists, alleging that Deontay was the victim of Kim Potter’s race-inspired shooting; However, the court is yet to deliver its verdict.

Who is Cortez Rice?

Cortez Rice identifies himself as a civil rights activist and advocates for the people Facebook, He can be seen at many Black Lives Matter protests.

Earlier, Judge Regina Chu ruled that cameras would not be allowed into the courtroom at the Kim Potter trial. Many BLM activists thought it would threaten transparency, so they started opposing it.

All this led to Rice moving to what he believed to be the Judge’s apartment, and live video from there. This act brought him into the limelight in the media.

After this incident, the judge has decided that the trial will be telecast, but he clarified that this decision has been taken not due to protest, but because of the threat of Kovid.

Cortez Rice arrested on harassment and charges

Cortez Rice was arrested on November 29 for harassing a judge at the Kim Potter trial. On 7 November, protests were held outside the apartment, which was supposed to be the judge’s residence.

Rice managed to break into the building and live the entire incident on Facebook. He was seen outside the door of the apartment he believed to be the judge. In the live video, which has now been removed, he was seen making derogatory statements like “Here’s waiting for the gang to get up,” “Tighten her ass, we’re on her heels. Won’t she find it sweet?” , “and others.

A judge has said it was an attempt to intimidate him into obstructing America’s sacred judicial process.

Cortez Rice Age Details

Cortez Rice is 32 years old; He was born in 1989. He is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His social media is full of participation in many Black Life Matter activities.

Rice can be seen talking about matters of black life in interviews. The court has yet to issue a verdict regarding his recent violent act, but now. He is in police custody.

cortez rice wikipedia

Not much information is available about Cortez rice. Nonetheless, he identified himself as George Floyd’s nephew after the George Floyd shooting incident.

Now, Cortez has been charged with molesting a judicial officer, a felony. Cortez believed that his action was harmless and attempted to make Kim Potter’s trial transparent.

His fellow activists have come forward saying that he is a political prisoner and that his arrest is unfair. They have also started raising funds for Cortez.,