Biography & Net Worth: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London

Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London

Amir Khan Theft: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London: These days, crimes occurred at any time frame. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re wealthy or poor. Wealthy individuals additionally confronted the crimes. Sure, you heard it appropriately. Just lately, information has been seen {that a} former boxing champion, Amir Khan was crossing the street together with his spouse. Instantly, two robbers got here to him, pointed weapons at him, and demanding for his watch. Fortunately, nobody is harmed throughout this incident. He and his spouse have been secure. On this article, we gonna talk about how he was robbed and what did he do at that second. Comply with Extra Replace On

Amir Khan Theft

Amir Khan was a well-known world champion in boxing when he was 22. He received the silver medal in Olympics on the age of 17. He was too younger and nonetheless have a number of time to do something in his profession. He was severe about his profession when he was a toddler. He’s surrounded by solely high quality individuals who inform the precious lesson in his life. He doesn’t hold round with damaging individuals or those that didn’t have any objectives of their life.

Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen

Amir and his spouse have been crossing the street. Her spouse was two steps behind him. Her spouse was her cellphone and see some messages. Instantly, two random guys reached out to the Amir pointed weapons at him, and demanded to get the watch. Amir was very afraid at the moment and he give his watch to the robbers. They didn’t loot the cash from him, nor the costly smartphones or the rest. They only want just one factor and that’s his watch. Perhaps his watch was value extra or possibly his watch was as costly as his cellphone. Who is aware of what the precise purpose is. The actual fact of this theft didn’t come out.

Amir Khan Robbed Watch Price?

His spouse was two steps behind him. She referred to as the cops and report each incident to the officers. Now, the officers have began the investigation and they’re discovering the robbers. It was not recognized what the intention of the robbers was. Did they arrive for his watch or do they need to give him a message? Who is aware of. What’s the reality. It is going to be solely recognized when cops caught the robbers and interrogate them. As of now, we’ve got restricted info, but when one thing will got here out, then we undoubtedly inform you.