Biography & Net Worth: Chicago: Oblock Aroy Shot And Killed -Rapper Death Video On Reddit -Details To Know

Oblock rapper Arroy was shot dead while he was in a gang fight.

The reason for his murder is gang fight, in which more than 4 people were seen fighting among themselves.

Arroy was also involved in the fight, and people were recording videos while the fight was taking place.

ARoy was killed by one of the men with whom ARoy was engaged in a fight.

At first Aroy brought the man down and headed for the second fight, but the one who was down stood up and shot Aroy.

Aroy was shot several times and the man wearing the black jacket knocked him down.

Several shots were fired at Aroy and he lay on the grass, got up a bit, and then died.

Although no stamens were reported from the authorities, he died instantly after being shot several times.