Biography & Net Worth: Christmas Movie Magic: How Old Is Arcade Riley? Meet Him On Instagram

Director Robert Vaughn has dropped an early gift to the public under Christmas Movie Magic starring Arcade Riley. 

Arcade Riley is best known as an actor and a writer with hit movies under his belt, such as Gamer’s Paradise (2019) and Doki Adventures (2013).

In the new holiday movie read as Christmas Movie Magic, he was cast as Raymond. It is set to release on December 7, 2021. 

Christmas Movie Magic: Arcade Riley Wikipedia Explore

Christmas Movie Magic is a Comedy Drama holiday movie that forces the main character, Holly Deveaux, as Alli Blakeman, to “learn that movie magic isn’t always just on-screen after she discovers the mysterious origins of a classic Christmas movie.”

It is another love story set to be released in the holiday season, where everyone is in a festive mood. It promises to be another Christmas flick which hopefully will be received well by the audience. 

Alongside Holly Deveaux, Drew Seeley plays the role of Brad in this upcoming romantic movie which also has the vibes of a musical. 

Arcade Riley has been cast to play the character, Raymond. 

Arcade Riley Age And Wikipedia Details

Arcade Riley is 26 years of age.

His details surrounding his personal life are not to be found on the vast plains of the internet, including his birth date. 

He is an actor, writer, and voice-over artist who is probably most famous for his voice as that of the Foreman, Martin, and Khalifa in Doki.

Arcade has had more than 13 years of experience as a voice-over artist. He was the TV Announcer in Almost Adults

He is also a Producer, and according to his Twitter biography, where he has labeled himself as a human cartoon, he pronounces he makes a living out of living. 

As an actor, he has had 28 credits under his belt. Moreover, he has had 11 credits as a writer, five credits as a composer, and one credit as a Composer. 

Arcade Riley Wife

Arcade Riley does not seem to have a wife.

Moreover, he does not seem to have much of a love life if he has one. There are no mentions of any entanglements either in his past or the present. 

Perhaps because he is an actor, he hasn’t had the time to meet and form a connection with someone special, with his work taking up much of his time. 

His Instagram remains bare of any feminine presence. Though his first post was in 2018, his life looks to be one filled with adventures but void of romance. 

Net Worth Of Arcade Riley Revealed

Arcade Riley has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

His salary information has not yet been disclosed to the public. However, with his profession as an actor, writer, and voice-over artist, he is sure to earn a paycheck with a lot of zeros behind a number. 

He recently appeared in the Christmas movie Magic as Raymond in 2021.