Biography & Net Worth: COP26: Does Allegra Stratton Have Children? Apology Video On Twitter -Watch Till The End

Allegra Stratton has two children, and she is currently deemed one of the hatest public figures by the British public as footage of her laughing about a Christmas party that breached Covid-19 regulations in a press conference rehearsal was leaked. 

Allegra Stratton served as the Downing Street Press Secretary under Prime Minister Boris Johnson from November 2020 to April 2021.

She quit today from her post as an advisor to the Prime Minister after footage was leaked to the public. 

She apologized to the public as she became a trending topic overnight for joking about a lockdown Christmas party mere four days after it happened. 

The party took place on December 18, 2020, whereas the press conference meeting took place on December 22. 

The footage was leaked to ITV news, and the public is calling for the Prime Minister to resign.

COP26: Allegra Stratton Husband -How Many Children Does They Have?

Allegra Stratton, COP26 spokeswoman, has two children. Her children are pretty young. Her youngest is five, and her oldest is 8. They go by Vaughn and Xanthe. 

She is married to James Forsyth. 

Her husband was the Political Editor of The Spectator magazine in 2011. They currently live in Canonbury, North London. 

Allegra is said to be a friend of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie Symonds. 

Allegra Stratton Apology Video On Twitter

Allegra Stratton served as the aide, press secretary, and COP26 spokeswoman but is mainly known for being the Press Secretary from November 2020 to April 2021.

After the press conference footage was leaked, she lost all respect from the public. Today she quit her post as an advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The footage showed her laughing about a Downing Street part last year at the height of the Covid Pandemic. 

She was in tears outside her house, as she stated after Boris Johnson announced an investigation.

She said that she had “become a distraction in that fight” against the Covid pandemic in the year 2020. When the party occurred, London was under tier 3 lockdown restrictions. 

She offered her apology to the public in a few sentences. She said,

“My remarks seemed to make light of the rules, rules that people were doing everything to obey. That was never my intention. I will regret those remarks for the rest of my days, and I offer my profound apologies to all of you at home for them.”