Biography & Net Worth: COVID New York Update: Some Republican County Executives Say Do Not Force Maskman Dates

Manhattan’s Upper West Side (WABC) — It’s up to the local health department to enforce New York Governor Kathy Hokul’s newly announced Maskman date, though some Republican county officials say they don’t.

Republican Rockland County Executive Ed Day said the governor’s staff was unable to provide detailed information about the new requirements.

“My decision is to move those in the health department who currently vaccinate their children with the life-saving vaccine and go around to see if they are masked. This is completely reckless on my part and I don’t do that,” Day said.

Hochul has announced mask obligations at the Manhattan Social Welfare Agency, where most people already wear masks. In New York City, indoor restaurant dining, entertainment and gyms require vaccinations, and where these vaccines are required are not affected by the new rules.

The governor took the decision based on the state’s weekly 7-day case rate and hospitalizations.

The needs of new businesses and locations extend to both patrons and employees.

It will be effective from December 13 to January 15, after which the state will re-evaluate the requirements based on the current situation.

The governor said the new measures would provide an additional layer of mitigation during the holidays, when more time is spent shopping, gathering and going indoors at holiday-themed sites.

“As governor, my two top priorities are to protect the health of the people of New York and protect the health of our economy. The tentative steps I took today have achieved this throughout the holiday season. We winter are facing a boom, especially the vaccines we have. I share with many New Yorkers complaints that this pandemic has not yet passed. “We’re doing it,” said Governor Hokuru. “I’m getting full immunizations.” I want to thank more than 80 percent of New Yorkers for doing the right thing to achieve. If others follow, these measures will no longer be necessary.”

“I have been warning for weeks that additional measures may be needed. Currently, we are based on three indicators: increased cases, reduced hospital capacity, identified. There is a lack of vaccination rates in the region,” the governor said. Hochul said.

Violations of the bill are subject to all civil and criminal penalties, including fines of up to $1,000 for each violation. Community health departments need to implement these requirements.

So far, Madison, Niagara, Rainseria and Rockland counties have not implemented their obligations.

Niagara has a positive rate of 11% and is “educated to cooperate” rather than mandated. Niagara determined that “the mandate was not the best course of action and that such mandate enforcement did not make the most of our resources.”

Onondaga, who killed five residents in the past 24 hours, called the effort a “work in progress”.

Bruce Blackman, elected in the Nassau County administrative election, called this mission a “shotgun approach.”

“More than 97% of adults in Nassau County have been vaccinated at least for the first time, and good medical facilities are nowhere near capacity. Nassau County is not at stake while continuing to monitor this medical problem. It is clear that the state The government should not drag us down with broad brushstrokes like the rest of the state. We expect the state to allow local decisions rather than a shotgun approach.”

Hochul said there is no 100% compliance and there could be more holdouts in the future.

However, other state and county officials have declared support for the mandate rather than more restrictions.

“We acknowledge the leadership of Governor Cathy Hokul, who announced a state-wide maskman date,” said Westchester County Administrator George Latimer. “This pandemic has reached a significant rate in some parts of the state and may not be in a similar situation in other parts of the state. The governor has not underestimated these decisions. II Respect and appreciate. Westchester County will do its best to enforce this mask provision. At this point, it would protect the health of New Yorkers and the health of New York State’s economy. This is the best bet. This is far less restrictive than closing our business, and it is an act that demonstrates leadership and restraint. ,

New York City and its surrounding areas have some of the highest vaccination rates in the state, but as you drive north and west, vaccination rates begin to drop.

On the other hand, 32 hospitals have to stop elective surgeries due to lack of beds and staff.

In New York City, the average 7-day COVID infection is 8 cases per 100,000 people.

There are 14 people per 100,000 people living on Long Island.

But in western New York, for example, 38 per 100,000.

Meanwhile, the CDC has approved booster shots for ages 16 and 17. New data suggests that a third dose, or if Johnson & Johnson is available, a second dose may be the key to countering the new Omron variant.

Currently, New York is reporting 20 omicron cases, Connecticut 11 cases, and New Jersey reporting single-digit cases, but it’s the delta version that is driving this latest surge. ,

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COVID New York Update: Some Republican County Officials Say Don’t Force Maskman Dates

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