Biography & Net Worth: Dateline: Is Peter Nygard Still Alive, Is He In Jail? Everything On His Family And More

Beverly Peele claimed that the sexual contact with fashion billionaire Peter Nygard a decade previously, that resulted in her son, Kai’s birth, was not voluntary. Instead, according to Beverly Peele, Nygard had raped her.

Trey Peele, the son of supermodel Beverly Peele, was 11 years old when his mother told him something unexpected about his father.

She had kept it a secret from practically everyone else. Trey Peele urged Nygard to go public with her sexual misconduct charges in 2020 when more were leveled against her.

Is Peter Nygard Still Alive? His Wiki Explored

Peter Nygard is still active.

According to a nine-count federal indictment, Nygard has been accused of sex trafficking and sexual assault by dozens of women and girls for several decades. However, he has categorically denied any misconduct.

His accusers claim Nygard drugged and attacked them. His employees claim Nygard suppressed them when they tried to speak about what was going on. Another son expresses satisfaction that his father is facing justice.

Details on the Allegations on Peter Nygard

Peter Nygard would drug the “happy juice” models, a nickname for date-rape drugs.

It was also found that Peter did not just lure the models. Nygard’s treasurer, Maridel Carbuccia, claims that he offered her something to drink after a few months on the job. She reported that after a few sips, her vision went blurry, and she couldn’t feel her hands.

Dana Neal was a former recruitment and retention manager at Nygard, was one of the fashion executive’s workers who departed and then tried to speak out about what he observed by talking to reporters. Nygard filed a lawsuit against him for violating his job contract when he did.

Employees and aspiring models were not the only ones affected by the alleged attacks, which left lasting emotional wounds.

Jenny Gilmer, then a 19-year-old tourist in the Bahamas, was invited to play tennis on Nygard’s estate in 1998. Instead, he invited her to spend the night on the property. She became dizzy and weak while drinking cocktails with other guests. Nygard, she claims, repeatedly assaulted her.

Who is Peter Nygard, Wife and Son? Details on his Family Explored

Peter Nygard’s partner, Beverly Peele, finally speaks up regarding what happened back in the past.

She begins that she was unaware that Peter was harassing/ assaulting other models and ladies at the parties in the same way she had been.

One evening, Nygard followed her into the toilet at his California beach house. It was after she signed her modeling contract, she claimed and raped her.

Peter and Beverly have a son of their own. Kai is involved in the investigation as well. To distance himself from his father, he has legally changed his last name from Nygard to Bickle, honoring his mother’s family.

Kai expressed how utterly shocked he saw a father with a fantastic career be a monster behind the scenes.

Where Is Peter Nygard Now?

Nygard was apprehended in Winnipeg, Canada, in December 2020. He accepted to be extradited to the United States the day after being indicted in a federal indictment in the United States.

In Canada, he was also charged with sexual assault.

While the stories concerning Nygard’s activities have taken years to surface, Bickle is certain that he will now face justice.