Biography & Net Worth: Dateline: Tony Russo Murderer Today – Diane Holik Murder Update

Diane Holik was a resident of New York who was looking to move around the country after she engaged. 

So, Diane was looking to sell her previous Home and move to Houston, Texas, where he lived.

On November 16, 2001, Diane missed her work schedule; all of her colleagues weren’t able to reach her; after that, they asked the police for a check.

The officers had arrived at Diane’s house, who was found dead on the first floor in one of the bedrooms.

Diane was face down and had ligature marks around her all-over neck as per the source.

Furthermore, her engagement ring and cash jewelers were missing from the house.

Her fiance, after getting informed, quickly ruled out the place.

Many neighbors and relatives reported that a man came on November 15 wanting to purchase their property.

About a week after Diane’s murder, Tony was taken as a murderer in court.

As per the investigators, Tony Russo was a print and digital Journalist by profession.

However, the news of this case is still to be disclosed.