Biography & Net Worth: Demonstrators gather to remember Rikers prisoners who died in custody and call for action

LOWER MANHATTAN, MANHATTAN (WABC) – Candles were lit in Lower Manhattan to remember the 15 Rikers inmates killed during the latest detentions this Friday.

Protesters gathered to raise awareness, remember their loved ones and call for doing more to prevent further deaths.

Thomas Earl Brownson III, 35, has a younger daughter. She was two and a half months old when he died. He will never go to see her future and she will never know her father.

“Thomas loved everyone. He loved his family. He was the one who brought the party to life, so he was the one everyone was looking for at the family gathering,” the family said.

Sharon Gross-Gil was one of the protesters on Friday and took part in an event called “A Day of Action for Multing.” The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn to Candlelight Vigil outside Criminal Court in Lower Manhattan.

During the protest, he learns of another death in Rikers. Malcolm Boatwright, 28, entered Rikers on November 12. He became the fifteenth prisoner.

Botlight died at Bellevue Hospital. The cause of his death is being investigated.

Supporters supported Mayor de Blasio’s decision to close Rikers Island, where the situation on Rikers Island is rapidly deteriorating.

Many Rikers are still awaiting trial and pleaded not guilty until found guilty.
“They dropped the crime or, as I say, they’re not just prisoners and people sitting there because they were charged with the crime. They don’t spend days in court,” Edwin said. Santana said.

Supporters say Eric Adams is unsure about what he will do about Rikers and remains in a precarious position. They are disappointed that Mayor de Blasio didn’t get his job done.

One of the things supporters are reassured about is that they will be there until they see the change they are looking for.

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Protesters gather to remember Rikers prisoners killed in custody and call for action

Source Link Protesters gather to remember Rikers prisoners killed in custody and call for action