Biography & Net Worth: Doctors say a recent batch of spices was “spike” with rat venom

Hillsborough County, Florida – A woman in West Florida says doctors use a variety of tricks to save her life by sniffing spices.

“I couldn’t afford medical marijuana this month, so I decided to buy spices,” she said.

We don’t show her face or use her name to protect her, but she says she was able to track down synthetic marijuana in the city of Ivor fairly easily.

But she didn’t expect her body to react this way.

“The next day I woke up with a bloody mouth,” she said.

The bleeding eventually spread to his urine and stool. This led to 9 days of hospitalization and several life saving procedures.

,[They’ve treated me with] Blood transfusion, plasma transfusion, vitamin K”.

Dr. Jeremy Curts, medical director of the emergency room at Advent Health Carrollwood, says that the bleeding is caused by ingredients added to the spices.

“Someone spiked its supply with Super Warfarin, which is used as a rodent killer. It thins the blood,” he said.

Yeah, you read that right. Dr. Kurtz says the women in the batch smoked and that at least 40 people were bitten by rat poison.

“I thought I would die,” said the woman.

Unfortunately, according to the Florida Poison Information Center, so far two people Have got died.

“And I’m so grateful to God because I wasn’t one of them,” the woman told ABC Action News.

Dr. Kurtz also says that it can take months for these patients to recover.

“Specifically, this super warfarin lasts so long that even if you get it off today, you’ll need a lot of medicine because tomorrow’s blood thinners may be there,” he said.

The reality is that the woman has been denying her allegations from a hospital bed.

“If you’re already smoking, stop smoking now,” she begged.

And she also sends a message to the seller of this batch.

“What do I say to that person? Fuck you!”

According to doctors, if you take spices from this batch, then symptoms ranging from headache to stomach pain to bleeding can occur. If you have any of these symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately.